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Through relational hospitality, event management and space optimization, Auburn-based GEN-D seeks to simplify the lives of its clients.
May 2, 2024
Jennifer Blomquist
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It begins with a pain point. 

GEN-D understands that clients come with a myriad of challenges. Whether it is residential or commercial needs, its services are designed to tackle diverse pain points head-on. 

“People come to us with a wide variety of pain points,” says Kara Bishop, GEN-D CEO. “We focus on identifying solutions that alleviate the burden of owning, using and maintaining space. Our personalized solutions allow clients to invest their time in more meaningful endeavors.” 

GEN-D’s journey over the past four years has been one of adaptation and growth, fueled by a keen understanding of client needs. What began as a response to identified pain points has blossomed into a diverse array of services. From event facilitation to building maintenance, landscaping, cleaning services and personalized solutions, the company’s offerings have expanded in response to both client demand and emerging market opportunities. This evolution underscores GEN-D’s commitment to staying dynamic and responsive in meeting the ever-changing needs of its clientele. It is not offering a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather taking the time to understand and address the unique challenges that each client faces. 

Bishop’s dedication to addressing gaps in service provision has led to unforeseen expansions for GEN-D. One such expansion was the incorporation of remodeling into its suite of services. When confronted with numerous clients grappling with basic space optimization projects, Bishop recognized an opportunity to use GEN-D’s extensive industry expertise and relationships to facilitate these projects effectively. Drawing upon decades of experience, remodeling quickly became a regular offering, ensuring clients could achieve their desired outcomes with ease and satisfaction. 

Central to GEN-D’s operation is the recognition that time is precious and best spent where it matters most. As Bishop aptly puts it, “I am a full-time working mom of three kids. When I get home at night, I can either focus on the function of parenthood and home ownership, or I can focus on the relationship with my husband and my kids. I would rather do the latter, which is what GEN-D’s services allow me to do.” This sentiment underscores the company’s commitment to freeing up clients’ time for what truly matters in their lives. 

However, Bishop also acknowledges that personalized solutions come with a price. She emphasizes that GEN-D has invested years in developing and refining a pricing structure that enables the business to tailor its services to each client’s needs while delivering the desired results. The goal is to provide the greatest possible value for the clients’ investment, ensuring that every dollar spent with GEN-D goes toward enhancing their quality-of-life and enabling them to focus on what truly matters. 

Bishop is also open about the fact that her deep sense of faith is a driving force in how GEN-D does business. She sets a clear expectation for herself and her team: To treat clients with the same care and respect they would afford their own mothers. By upholding these principles, GEN-D not only fosters trust and loyalty among its clientele, but also contributes to a culture of integrity and respect within the broader community. GEN-D’s commitment to treating clients with the utmost care and consideration is reflected in its dedication to building meaningful relationships and making a positive impact in the lives of those it serves. This approach not only sets the business apart in the marketplace, but also reinforces its reputation as a company guided by principles of honesty, compassion and integrity. 

As demand for services continues to rise, Bishop looks forward to continuing to engage the community and to be more than just another service provider. By recognizing the value of time and the importance of integrity in every interaction, GEN-D has become a trusted partner in enhancing the lives of its clients. “Whether it’s orchestrating your event or tending to your lawn, we handle our tasks so you can focus on yours — whatever that may be.” 


Owner(s): CEO: Kara Bishop; VP of Operations: Jeff Clark

Address: 114 E. 6th St., Auburn, Indiana 46706

Phone: (260) 446-3207

Email: support@gen-d.co

Years in Business: 4

Number of Employees: 20

Products & Services: A logistics company for buildings, grounds and spaces of any kind: Events, Venues, Building Maintenance, Lawn and Landscape Maintenance, Janitorial Services and Space Optimization

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