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Supporting Our Local Businesswomen
May 2, 2024
Dan Copeland, Publisher
Writer's Block

Enclosed with this issue of Business People magazine is the 18th annual edition of BusinessWomen of Northeast Indiana. Since its inception in 2006, BusinessWomen has been supported by many of the region’s best companies as they proudly feature their female team members.

Women’s contributions to the business world are indispensable, shaping industries and driving innovation. Women offer diverse perspectives, leadership styles and problem-solving skills, all of which enrich corporate cultures.

From pioneering entrepreneurs who break through the barriers to corporate executives leading Fortune 500 companies, women are leaving their mark on every area of business. Their abilities to communicate, be empathetic, and collaborate often result in more effective teams and sustainable growth opportunities.

Women entrepreneurs are dynamic leaders, launching businesses at never-before-seen rates, and continue to challenge traditional norms. Their ventures not only generate economic prosperity, but they also champion social causes and promote diversity in the business world.

Please join us as we salute the businesses featured in BusinessWomen of Northeast Indiana along with their employers who choose to support them and their careers.

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