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In partnership with Parkview Employer Solutions, Micropulse, Inc. focuses on the physical and mental wellness of its employees.
Feb 2, 2024
Heather Herron

As Parkview Health’s medical director of integrative medicine, Dr. Angela LaSalle helps her patients achieve overall wellness by focusing on all aspects of their health: physical, mental, emotional, social and even spiritual. Her commitment to helping others get and stay healthy includes overseeing the Parkview Employer Solutions program. 

“We offer everything from health screenings to on-site employer clinics and shared clinic models with health coaching, nutrition, registered dietitians and a full focus of provider coverage,” explains Dr. LaSalle. “We’re providing an extensive menu of services that’s continuing to grow.”

Parkview Health works closely with companies of all sizes to determine what their employees’ needs are and how to best meet them. By offering a wide range of services, employers can ensure that their workforce has convenient access to the highest level of care. In addition to health risk assessments and wellness screenings, the Employer Solutions team can provide comprehensive health improvement programs that include diabetes prevention, smoking cessation, weight management, stress management and more.

“A lot of our employers look at it as a way to enhance employee engagement,” says Parkview Health Regional Market President Dr. Greg Johnson. “Another reason it’s important is because the healthier you can keep co-workers, the more productive they are. They have less time away from work. If we can prevent things and identify problems earlier, that allows us to have more of an impact clinically, which is most important, but also to help keep the total cost of care down for our regional employers.”

That’s exactly why Micropulse, Inc. has a longstanding partnership with Parkview Health. Dedicated to the wellness of its nearly 500 employees, Micropulse leadership strives to do everything possible to help employees stay healthy and happy.

“Catching things early and taking a more preventative, proactive approach really does matter in the long run and can impact many things like employee retention, employee happiness, overall health care costs related to claims, etc.,” stresses Micropulse HR Manager Baily Beiswanger. “There are a lot of benefits that probably go unrecognized, that the data just can’t catch because you can’t always quantify exactly what you’re preventing. The true benefit of partnering with Parkview is the massive presence that they have and the number of options they can offer. It’s completely customizable because they will listen to you to understand specific needs.”

Beiswanger says employees appreciate and value Micropulse’s commitment to their overall wellbeing. “I recently had an individual come up to me who’s been going through one of the offered programs and he was bragging about it to his friends who work elsewhere. They don’t have that same accessibility to these programs. He said, ‘I want to thank the company for making sure we have these resources because my buddies don’t have that kind of access.’ That was really encouraging to hear.”

Parkview Employer Solutions also offers shared employer clinics, which allow multiple organizations — no matter their size — to access health care exclusively for their employees at a reduced cost. That can be especially beneficial for smaller companies that want a full menu of resources, but may not have the budget for an on-site clinic. 

Whether companies use a shared employer clinic or simply take advantage of one of the other resources within the Employer Solutions program, Dr. Johnson says one benefit is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. “Not only does one size not fit all, but one of the things that’s a differentiator is we sit down and actually listen to the company executives and their HR leaders and then say, ‘What are some pain points and how can we approach these? What are your goals?’ For the companies, it can be very data driven, but for us it’s really about listening, and that allows for customization,” he says. 

For Dr. LaSalle, it’s an all-encompassing approach that, in the end, benefits everyone. “We come alongside companies to develop a healthy culture toward self-care, and people’s medical and emotional needs,” she says. “It’s a very holistic approach. It’s not just the employee we’re looking at. We’re looking at the health of the culture of the company and we can actually give some suggestions on how to nurture that relationship between the employer and the employee.”

“We listen to our community partners and to our employers, and then try to be partners with them in developing solutions,” Dr. LaSalle continues. “That’s part of the reason why we chose the name Employer Solutions, because it’s a partnership — it’s a team effort.”  

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