The Right Choice for Your Employees

Crosswinds Counseling’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential services and support to employees.
Dec 1, 2023
Heather Herron
Tim Brumbeloe
The Right Choice for Your Employees

In a post-pandemic world, as many as 20% of adults in America experience some sort of mental illness. Even when there’s not an official diagnosis, many still face challenges with anxiety, feelings of loneliness and excessive stress, all of which can lead to problems at home and at work.

“People are becoming more and more aware of how much mental health is an issue and how it affects everyone. Just like people take work home, people take home to work. Thankfully, we’re seeing the stigma surrounding getting help with mental health start to lessen,” says Kate Miller with Crosswinds Counseling’s Mental Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 

Crosswinds partners with companies so they can offer their employees confidential access to dozens of certified counselors who address issues like personal or work-related problems, stress and anxiety management, work-life balance and more. 

Crosswinds’ EAP is different from other similar programs in that employers only pay for the services used. Additionally, they’ve removed barriers that may keep someone from reaching out for help. 

“If you call the average EAP program, you’ll be given a list of 15 to 20 counselors that you can call to try and get an appointment. For somebody who is already mentally and emotionally exhausted and at the end of their rope, that is just too much. We have our own counselors, and we have schedulers who are dedicated to handling those EAP inquiries and they help match the client to the right counselor,” explains Miller. 

Leaders at both Weigand Construction and Lassus Bros. Oil have been partnering with Crosswinds for several years and believe it’s been beneficial for everyone. 

“Crosswinds has been a great resource for our employees and their families,” says Weigand Chief Financial Officer Andy Binkley. “Their program encompasses a wide range of services that addresses the needs of our workforce and contributes to their well-being. Their team’s responsiveness and expertise have played a pivotal role in helping our employees navigate their concerns and challenges, both personally and professionally.” 

“For several reasons, many of our team members would not have access to counseling on their own — limited financial resources or simply lack of awareness of the importance of prioritizing mental health. We are so grateful for our partnership with Crosswinds. We have seen a dynamic shift in our culture and in our team’s well-being,” says Lassus Director of Human Resources Brittany Wilchar. 

Crosswinds is a faith-based organization, but its nearly 30 counselors never push religion on their clients. The organization is also evidence-based, which means its team is trained in therapeutical techniques that are proven to work. 

“Our leadership has done an incredible job hiring good therapists who really know their stuff, who are passionate about their clients and who get results for their clients,” concludes Miller. 

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