The IU Health Difference

IU Health in northeast Indiana is growing exponentially, but its focus remains on extraordinary patient care.
Dec 1, 2023
Nichole Thomas
Tim Brumbeloe
The IU Health Difference

There’s something remarkably comforting about the golden days of full-service gas stations, where attendants filled your tank, checked your oil and ensured your windows were sparkling. For Dr. Matt Noyes of IU Health, this isn’t a bygone era but a foundational lesson he learned firsthand from his father, who owned a gas station in Canton, Ohio, and emphasized full-service customer care. 

“Customer service was the heart of my father’s gas station. It taught me that genuine care and going the extra mile could turn a mundane task into a memorable experience,” Noyes reflects. “In health care, this translates to patient-centric care, where the individual’s needs are paramount.”

As IU Health’s sole orthopedic surgeon in Fort Wayne and the only one in the area nominated to the prestigious American Shoulder and Elbow Society, Noyes stands out. His journey from a physical therapist to a renowned orthopedic surgeon gives him a unique vantage point. 

“My unique background in medicine influences my holistic approach to care,” Noyes says. “At IU Health, our mission aligns perfectly with this. It’s about making the best choices for the patient.”

However, the narrative of IU Health in northeast Indiana is more than just the story of Noyes. It’s a tale of how one of Indiana’s largest health care systems, with its impressive roster of 16 hospitals and nearly 36,000 employees, is making waves in the region.

IU Health’s dedication to expanding its footprint in northeast Indiana is ongoing. A series of strategic decisions has led to the organization’s growth. From opening its Riley Children’s Clinic off Coldwater Road, to unveiling its first primary care facility equipped with 20 exam rooms in 2018, the momentum has continued with four additional primary and specialty care locations. Several imaging locations, infusion and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services are also available to serve the community. The first IU Health Surgery Center opened in 2021, and two urgent care facilities have also opened in recent years. Fast-forward to the present and in January, IU Health opened its state-of-the-art medical office building in southwest Fort Wayne. Noyes says the series of expansions underscores IU Health’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care to the region.

Of course, such an ambitious expansion doesn’t come without its challenges. “Breaking into a region with two established health care systems means we’re upping the ante,” Noyes says when asked about the competitive landscape. But he quickly adds, “Healthy competition spurs innovation, and for physicians at IU Health, it’s an opportunity to highlight our strengths.”

Indeed, competition has its silver linings. With more health care providers vying for a piece of the pie, the ultimate winners are the residents of northeast Indiana, who averaged over $9,914 in health care costs per Indiana resident in 2020, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. They now have more choices, potentially better facilities and an increased emphasis on patient-centric care, Noyes says.

Drawing the conversation back to his father’s gas station, Noyes says he remembers that the choice of gas station often boiled down to the quality of service. Similarly in health care, while facilities and specialties matter, it’s the quality of care and the patient experience that will set IU Health apart.

“When people have a choice, they gravitate toward where they feel most comfortable,” Noyes says. “We want people to make that choice because we’re doing things right.” 

Indiana University Health

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