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Zack Wygant, General Manager & COO, Fort Wayne Country Club
Nov 6, 2023
Tim Brumbeloe

1 - Family
Zack and his wife Lauren wed in 2016 and share one daughter, Avery, who will soon be three-years-old. Their first (fur) baby, however, is their beloved dog Charlie. Lauren has twin sisters and Zack, a certified marriage officiant, was honored to officiate both of their weddings. 

2 - Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)
In 2021, Zack was nominated by the local LLS board/leadership team to campaign and raise funds for the organization. He gladly took on the challenge, as he finds giving back and helping in the community extremely important. Through his campaign, he successfully raised a little over $125,000 and was named the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man of the Year runner-up. It was very fulfilling to contribute to such a special community and rally for a great cause.

3 - Ties
Ever since Zack was little, he wanted to have a job where he could wear a tie. Fast forward to current-day, it’s rare you’ll find him without a tie at work. While it may not be as common in society as it once was, Zack is holding true to his own style. Coincidentally, the food and beverage director at Fort Wayne Country Club (FWCC), Sam Bailey, wears bow ties. He is the bow-tie-guy and Zack is the tie-guy.

4 - Wine
Prior to his current position, Zack was employed at a different golf club and was involved in the wine program there. He eventually became a certified sommelier (som for short), and it has proven to be a great way for him to connect and interact with FWCC members, as the club often hosts wine tastings and wine dinners. During the pandemic, FWCC even hosted virtual wine tastings. Pictured above is a bottle from Peacock Family Vineyard, a small winery in Napa Valley on Spring Mountain. 

5 - Sparkling Water
Zack isn’t a coffee drinker, but instead loves sparkling water. La Croix, bubly, Waterloo – you name it and Zack will give it a try. It’s what keeps him going throughout the day, and he loves sampling new flavors.

6 - Bible
Zack’s grandfather passed away in 2022, and he was fortunate to inherit the family Bible from him and his grandmother. It has been in the family for almost 75 years (since 1949) and has great significance to Zack for more than one reason, but amongst those is his faith. 

7 - Cooking
Cooking is a favorite hobby for Zack and Lauren. You will find them making dinner together often, using fresh ingredients from Zack’s in-laws’ vegetable garden. Lauren’s side of the family is very into cooking as well, so the holidays are typically full of appetizer and food wars between the family members.

8 - Work-Out Gear
Fitness is important to Zack. Whether it be an at-home workout or a Sunday-morning Peloton class, he makes time to get himself moving.

9 - Live Concerts
Attending live concerts and music events with friends and family is one of Zack’s favorite things to do. Most recently, he and Lauren went to see Luke Combs in concert in Indianapolis – a true highlight for the couple this year. In the past they’ve seen artists from several different genres: Hootie & the Blowfish, Justin Timberlake, Martina McBride and Garth Brooks, to name a few. Listening to a good cover band from time to time is fun for the pair, too. Living

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