Embrace the Pod-tastic Journey in Your Flexible Office
Nov 6, 2023
Kelly Shields, LEED AP, Sr. Architectural Grad

Office settings, particularly open offices, can be both beneficial and challenging. While collaboration is made easier, the constant noise and interruptions can make it difficult to focus or have important conversations. In an effort to provide more flexibility for its employees, Design Collaborative (DC) decided to try out a new work option where team members could “hotel” at different locations within the office — insert the Framery O, a soundproof phone booth that ensures privacy and quiet.

One of the main benefits of the Framery O is its ability to provide a noiseless space. Team members can enjoy the freedom of taking a phone call in the booth while feeling like they aren’t disturbing others. This allows for greater focus and eliminates the worry of being overheard by colleagues. Additionally, there is a variety of soundproof booth options available that go beyond just phone-call pods.

The Framery One is a highly adaptable workspace with advanced technology, perfect for hybrid offices with remote workers. The original soundproof official phone booth, the Framery O, offers world-class insulation and acoustics, making it ideal for private calls without compromising sound quality. The Framery Q is a larger option that can accommodate up to four people for meetings or brainstorming sessions.

One unique advantage of the Framery O is its ability to be used as a personal space for collecting thoughts or remembering important details from meetings. With the Framery 2Q, teams of up to six can have a fully functional soundproof meeting room for in-person or online gatherings.

By incorporating these soundproof options into office design, you can create a more flexible and engaging space for employees. With the ability to have privacy and quiet when needed, while still maintaining space for collaboration and open communication, the possibilities for productivity are endless.  

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