SOLV a Problem Before It Becomes One

SOLV Holdings helps business owners address potential challenges in maximizing the value of their business as they transition.
Jul 7, 2023
SOLV a Problem Before It Becomes One

“Business owners see their business as an extension of themselves and their legacy,” says Jeff Albert, CEO of SOLV Holdings. “Owners pour their heart and soul into building their business, dedicating years or even generations to its growth. Selling a business can be an emotional process that most owners only go through once.”

Determining the right time to sell a company is not simple, nor easy. There may not be a “right time,” yet SOLV believes it can be the “right” strategic partner. SOLV has a deep sense of responsibility to care for transitioning businesses, their people and performance, and then position the company for even greater impact in the future.

“Private equity firms develop negative reputations because many focus on short-term profits and are not transparent,” says Albert. “As a management company, SOLV is dedicated to building relationships and preserving legacy through excellent business practices, strong leadership and a long-term view.”

When a business faces strategic challenges, whether to grow or sell, the best solution is typically not a one-size-fits-all approach. SOLV’s ability to consider multiple approaches while offering context-specific solutions has earned the company a reputation of being acquisition problem SOLVers. Its values, which are shared freely with potential partners, are simple: 1) Be real — always be authentic; 2) Partner well — deepen relationships at every level; 3) Make it happen — move with a bias toward action; 4) Always grow — mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 

Mark Webb, CEO of QuikCut, a 2021 SOLV acquisition, says, “I wasn’t looking to sell or partner with an investor initially; however, God had a different plan by placing SOLV and Ambassador Enterprises team members in my life. Over time, our friendship and mutual respect for each other’s businesses grew. Eventually, this led to our mutual belief that SOLV and QuikCut were better together.”

Currently, SOLV has three platforms including design-build contractors, metal fabrication and assembly, and high volume B2B products. Since 2018, through a series of strategic initiatives and acquisitions, the company has marked growth of 300% with more than 1,000 employees. SOLV is actively pursuing acquisitions with several projects currently under review, while establishing solid leadership for each platform to shepherd market growth into the future.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the foundation of northeast Indiana’s economy, playing a vital role in the prosperity of our communities. Yet these businesses face unique challenges as they seek sustainable and scalable growth. Managing each phase in a company’s lifecycle can be daunting. SOLV comes alongside like-minded owners and builds trusting partnerships. Through a collaborative process, both owner and investor contribute to a positive future for stakeholders and the community in which they operate, elevating a company’s potential from successful to significant. 

SOLV Holdings (an Ambassador Enterprises affiliate)

Owner(s): Jeff Albert

Address: 2879 E. Dupont Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825

Phone: (260) 247-2999



Years in Business: 5

Number of Employees: 275 locally

Products & Services: Management company investing in contracting, metals and B2B products

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