Building a Culture of Positivity

The impact of employee appreciation.
May 8, 2023
Bethany Pinney, Assistant VP of Human Resources
Building a Culture of Positivity

What you invest in your employees can affect the output they will provide to your organization. Building a culture of positivity and encouragement is an effective way to retain quality staff and promote ownership in your business. Significant improvements in productivity and performance can be made through simple acts of gratitude.

Tokens of appreciation for employees don’t always require a grand gesture. In fact, much can be said in the smallest of ways. For instance, I was working at a new job where I was just beginning to get my feet wet. I had recently found a new employee that was going to make a great addition to our team. As a way to say thanks, the department manager gave me a can of my favorite soda with a note attached that said, “You are SODA bomb.” It might not seem like much, but to me that gesture made my entire year! Your organization may be filled with newly hired individuals that have yet to work for a company that truly shows recognition and sincere appreciation.

Here are some ideas that can demonstrate anything from a simple “You rock” to a grand “We are nothing without you”:

  • Health screenings, mobile dental or other health services, vaccination stations for annual flu shots
  • In-house services such as dry cleaning, chair massages, wellness facilities, company counselor or life coach, and in-house health clinics
  • On-site food trucks
  • Discounts through community partnerships
  • Time-off giveaways
  • Event tickets
  • Public recognition efforts through internal shoutouts, email or social media
  • Company-wide employee appreciation events like cookouts or ball games
  • Hand-written cards expressing gratitude
  • Ongoing development opportunities to learn new skills

All of these options are wonderful ways to go above and beyond for those who you expect to go above and beyond for your business and clients. What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Higher employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Increase in team dynamics and growth to company culture
  • Reduction in employee absences (especially if many services are provided on-site)
  • Increased employee retention and loyalty

Remember, what you invest into your employees directly impacts their output. Be a company that thrives on gratitude toward those who make everything you set out to accomplish possible. 

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