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Maple Heights Behavioral Health is a pillar of support.
May 8, 2023
Julia K. Porter, PhD
Tim Brumbeloe

In recent months, the State of Indiana has prioritized mental health care in a time when it’s more crucial than ever. We know that in the aftermath of the pandemic, more people recognized they are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse, and need help. Thanks to local hospitals like Maple Heights Behavioral Health, there are options for both individuals and family members of those suffering from mental illnesses and substance abuse.

This much-needed facility is the result of a strong partnership between Lutheran Health Network and Acadia Healthcare. When Lutheran identified the need for more behavioral health care, it partnered with the experts at Acadia to create a state-of-the-art building with high-quality staff. Chief Nursing Officer Elizabeth Jachim notes this is very important to individuals seeking treatment. She explains the facility is “a beautiful place with nice people” that promotes hope and healing for patients. The need for this service in Fort Wayne came about after many hospitals saw an increasing demand for patients needing behavioral health support. Instead of sitting in the ER for long periods of time, there is now a local, dedicated hospital where patients can go.

Maple Heights Behavioral Health is a hospital where individuals receive inpatient care for mental illness, substance abuse or, when needed, both. The hospital is for individuals with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, those who have attempted self-harm or have suicidal thoughts or ideas, and those who have substance abuse disorders. The facility is open 24-hours a day and patients can be referred through a medical doctor, voluntarily admit themselves or, if approved by a judge, there are instances when involuntary admission takes place. Currently, most patients come from a referral or transfer from an ER, but walk-ins happen as well. In fact, Jennifer Snyder, Maple Heights CEO, explains this is a unique hospital in that if a person needs help, they can call and find the care they need. “When people come to us, they are often at their lowest,” she says. “We can get them the help they need.”

The hospital has made integration into the local community a priority to become a strong partner for other hospitals, first-responders, law enforcement and other community organizations. Through local partnerships and sponsorships, community members are able to see what is available to them and their family members, and to further curb the stigma once associated with mental health care. Maple Heights Behavioral Health has sponsored or been a part of the Dekalb County Mental Health/Substance Abuse Task force, the Purdue Fort Wayne (PFW) University Health Fair, NAMI Fort Wayne’s Community Event, and Mayor Tom Henry’s Youth Engagement Council. On top of that, it is a member of Greater Fort Wayne Inc. and NAMI.

Currently, there is one unit open at Maple Heights staffed with 66 employees. As it continues to open more units and build on new programs, it will hire up to 300 additional employees. There are plans in the next year to support older adults in a designated unit and to create space for adolescents. Snyder notes adolescent care is often cyclical because “behaviors are usually monitored and more visible” when students are in school. This is a need that will be addressed with its own unit, in conjunction with the start of the school year. Maple Heights Behavioral Health will be another place for referrals for teens as well. 

For more information about Maple Heights Behavioral Health, call (260) 800-3601. If you would like to meet them in the Fort Wayne community, visit Fiesta Fort Wayne on Aug. 13 or the Out of the Darkness Fort Wayne Walk on Sept. 24.  

Maple Heights Behavioral Health

Address: 3955 W. Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818

Phone: (260) 800-3601 or (866) 963-2500


Number of Employees: 66

Products & Services: Inpatient care for those who suffer from mental illness, substance abuse, or both. Currently servicing adults 18 and older, with adolescent and older adult (age 55 and over) units opening soon. Additional services will include IOP/PHP and ECT in the near future.

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