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Warsaw Chemical is a company dedicated to its core values.
Apr 3, 2023
Julia K. Porter, PhD
Jeffrey Crane

As a reputable company with eight decades of service, Warsaw Chemical has proven its dedication to its customers, employees and its community.

Founded in 1941, Warsaw Chemical’s original product line was limited to just a few products, but today, it is a leading manufacturer in more than 800 products for the Car Wash, Jan/San and Specialty formulated chemical products industries. Its products are primarily sold by distributors to businesses in both the United States and surrounding countries, and the goal has always been to “provide safe, powerful and cost-effective solutions.” Thanks to an in-house laboratory and team of chemists, Warsaw Chemical works to develop and formulate customized products to it’s customers’ unique specifications. 

Though you may not see Warsaw Chemical products in your home, they keep the community safe. “Our products are used primarily in places where we work, play and pray,” President Kevin Feldman explains. These include schools, manufacturing and distribution facilities, churches, car washes, hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, hotels and airports. The products are vital to our daily activities. “We also private label nearly 70% of our products,” Feldman says. “It’s likely that customers are using our products without knowing they were made right here in Warsaw.”

In a time when many companies are thinking of their bottom line first, Warsaw Chemical has made a commitment to uphold core values, which are integrated in everything from the hiring process to the experience that customers receive. Its values of having a people-first culture, upholding integrity, activating grit (passion and perseverance to achieve and serve customers), and promoting innovation are why the business has been able to retain its employees and customers. 

CEO Glenn Schischa explains that creating these core values was the work of the entire company. “We want to allow people doing the work and closest to the issue/opportunity to make decisions and give feedback,” he says. He goes on further to explain that these values help to recruit, recognize, reward and retain employees, and these values are not taken lightly. “It is who we are. We choose to work with customers, suppliers and stakeholders that share these values as well.”

Part of what sets Warsaw Chemical apart is its meetings that ensure all voices are heard. The leadership team doesn’t believe in silos and instead, allow everyone to work together. “This fosters an environment where people feel empowered at all levels,” explains Feldman. 

“It’s critical that people work together and view themselves as a team,” says Schischa. “Allowing all employees to provide honest and open input is vital.” Warsaw Chemical prides itself in putting safety first and knows that people doing the jobs (and who may have concerns), must be a part of the decision-making processes and safety protocols. 

Because employee building and empowerment is so critical to Warsaw Chemical leadership, they are creating a new compensation scale that will allow those interested to cross-train in different jobs and develop new skills. Individuals will have the opportunity to build their resumé in terms of learning and practicing new skills within the company, and in turn will be able to support their colleagues when they need coverage.

With a people-driven work environment, leadership also listens to employees’ ideas to give back to the community and plan to further their impact to serve the communities where their customers are. Because of the nature of its products, Warsaw Chemical was able to support many during the pandemic by providing disinfectants and hand sanitizers, and has also provided cleaning products to help with natural disaster relief, such as the recent flooding in Kentucky. 

While concerns arise about chemicals in a tight knit community like Warsaw, programming is in place to ensure the safety of everyone; from those who work with the chemicals directly to the surrounding community, including Winona Lake. Working closely with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Indiana Brownfields Program, Warsaw Chemical is committed to environmental safety. After decades of ground contamination prior to 1988, the company has voluntarily spent millions of dollars over the past few years to ensure its property is free and clear of ground contaminants. “It’s important for everyone here to ensure the safety of not only our employees, but the surrounding community.” says Schischa. “We are excited that we are nearly complete with our remediation program.”

What does the future look like for Warsaw Chemical? It’s continuing to ensure safety in all practices and has already adopted California Proposition 65 compliance standards in product development. It will continue to empower employees, work with interns to help college and graduate students build their skills, and strive to make a bigger impact on the communities it serves. 

Warsaw Chemical

Address: 390 Argonne Road, Warsaw, Indiana 46580

Phone: (574) 267-3251



Number of Employees: 70

Products & Services: Car and truck wash detergents, degreasers, disinfectants and sanitizers, floor care, hand soaps, glass and window cleaners, laundry care, dish-wash detergents, tire lubricants, lime removers, odor counteractants, and specialty chemicals.

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