Closing the Gender Gap

PNC’s Project 257 fuels support for women in northern Indiana.
Dec 5, 2022
Heather Herron
Jeffrey Crane
Closing the Gender Gap

When it comes to financial equality, there is a huge gap between genders. As one of the nation’s largest financial institutions, PNC bank is well-positioned and committed to closing that gap. Corinna Ladd, PNC’s regional president of northern Indiana, talked with us about PNC’s Project 257 initiative.

What factors contribute to the disparity?
There are four primary reasons: Women don’t have equal access to credit, are underrepresented in the workforce, experience pay inequities, and take on a disproportionate share of unpaid caregiving. 

How is PNC working to tackle the economic challenges women face?
As a National Main Street bank, and with dozens of PNC-Certified Women’s Business Advocates, we lead locally by hosting workshops and webinars to help our communities understand the opportunities and resources available to women. In addition, we recently sponsored the Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. Better Together Conference where our employees helped lead workshops to empower women in understanding how credit works, providing tips on budgeting and how to plan and build wealth.

Along with launching our PNC Project 257 initiative, which creates awareness and action around closing the economic gender gap, we’ve expanded our relationship with an organization called Coralus, a global initiative that provides no interest loans to women and non-binary business owners as well as mentorship and support for those business owners. 

How have your own professional experiences impacted your desire to help lead these efforts?
When I began my career in the banking industry over 30 years ago, there were very few women in leadership roles. I remember sitting around a conference table and every single decision-maker in that room was a white male. As a young person, I always felt like I had to be more prepared than anyone else in the room and had to work extra hard just to be viewed as capable.

I’m fortunate to work for PNC, a company that looks to lead as a role model among employers, and dedicates time and resources to ensure diversity has a seat at the table. 

How have you personally dedicated yourself to helping women achieve financial equality?
I’m an early funder of the Fort Wayne Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund. I believe that when women have confidence, they can use their voice to demand a seat at the table and for equal pay. 

My hope is that women can be recognized for the talent and experience they bring to the table. The statistics are still undeniable. As a regional leader, I get to see firsthand how this impacts my workforce, our customers and business owners that we serve. I want to be the role model that women and girls can look to and tell themselves, ‘I can do that’.

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