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Kevin Cawood, DVM, Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital
Nov 3, 2022
Tim Brumbeloe

1 - Veterinarian Work
Kevin is the owner of Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital on Homestead Road in Fort Wayne. Indian Creek opened its doors on April 1, 2002 and is one of the few remaining privately-owned veterinarian offices in the area. Originally from Connecticut, Dr. Cawood graduated from UCONN in 1989 with a degree in Pathobiology and afterwards went to Purdue to receive his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. He is the only licensed, private vet in the state of Indiana that has a nuclear regulatory license, which allows him to perform radiation treatments.

2 - Travel
The Cawoods love to travel and they have quite the track record to show for it. Kevin and his wife, Shelli, have taken trips to New Zealand, Paris, Italy, every island in the Caribbean, and the list goes on. Their favorite vacation, though, was a visit to South Africa where they spent an entire week on a safari.

3 - Fishing
Every year Kevin goes fishing with family and friends in western Ontario, Canada. His father-in-law (who is 84) has been making the trip for 50 years. 

4 - Real Estate
Real estate is another interest of Kevin’s. He has been buying, selling and investing since 1991, and has tried his hand at foreclosures, bankruptcy homes, flipping and renting houses, too. He’s been involved with multi-family homes and complexes in addition to commercial investments.

5 - Sports
Kevin has always loved playing sports. Growing up in Connecticut, he was heavily involved with soccer and polo, and even met his wife while coaching polo at Purdue. 

6 - Tools
Kevin’s dad was a handyman and taught him the tricks of the trade while growing up. He can make furniture, fixes electronics, and also takes on welding and woodworking projects. His love for using tools has aided him in his current profession, specifically when performing surgery.

7 - Recycling
Kevin is extremely passionate about preserving the environment. He advocates for this in several ways, from ensuring all applicable materials at Indian Creek are recycled to serving as the president/CEO of OmniSource Electronics Recycling. 

8 - Overlanding/Hiking
Kevin and his wife do their fair share of off-grid backpacking and overlanding. They have hiked Machu Picchu in Peru, the Grand Canyon, the Andes Mountains and the Appalachian trails. 

9 - Family
Kevin and Shelli just celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary and have two children, Zach (21) and Taylor (16) in addition to their fur-babies.

10 - Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Kevin loves all sea turtles, but his favorite is the critically endangered Hawksbill. For him, the Hawksbill represents the ocean, sustainability, clear water and healthy reefs. Here is your friendly reminder to wear reef-safe sunscreen! 

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