At Home With Beth Goldsmith

Beth Goldsmith of Sold by the Gold at North Eastern Group Realty has a passion for helping others, a zest for life’s adventures and an overflowing amount of love for her family.
Nov 3, 2022
Heather Herron
Tim Brumbeloe

There’s no grass growing under Beth Goldsmith’s feet. She runs a successful real estate business, helping thousands of people in northeast Indiana buy, sell and build their homes. She’s also a cancer survivor, a passionate cancer awareness advocate and fundraiser, an avid reader, former Ironman finisher and a world traveler. 

“There are so many things to learn and adventures to be enjoyed that I don’t understand people who are bored in life,” she says with a laugh. “Every travel opportunity and outdoor adventure is exciting to me.” 

After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, Beth wanted to reclaim her health in a celebratory way. She had done some shorter triathlons and decided to train for a full Ironman, which is 140.6 miles. “Every swim, bike ride and run, I tried to endure the distance with an attitude of gratitude for the gift of good health and to race in memory of my family members who died from cancer. In my early 50s I was grateful to complete four full Ironman triathlons and six half-Ironman events in various states and one in Costa Rica. Now I prefer to travel, hike and bike as a way to learn about other regions. Next year I’m heading back to Australia and New Zealand, and the southern tip of Indonesia. I was there in my mid-20s, so it’ll be fun to go back in my late 50s.”

For the past 30 years, Beth has been the driving force behind Sold by the Gold at North Eastern Group Realty. Though it wasn’t her original career plan, she found she had a knack and a passion for helping people navigate life transitions. From first time home buyers to retirees who are downsizing, Beth enjoys all aspects of residential real estate. 

“I have always been interested in economics and consider myself a lifelong learner. Therefore, the data and analytics of the local and national housing market are fascinating since I have always been a numbers geek. As communities continue to compete to attract and retain top talent, more people understand how residential real estate impacts the local economy for decades,” she explains. “The other part of my brain really enjoys the fact that what I do truly helps people. It sounds soft and fuzzy, but the truth is, moving is in the top 10 of the psychological stress charts. Everything in your life is in transition when you move, whether that be across town or to a new city.”

A self-described community ambassador, Beth says it’s a great time to live and work in Fort Wayne and the surrounding region. 

“It’s rewarding to watch what’s happening in our community. That’s because we have good businesses coming here, local businesses that are growing and great health care. We’ve been very intentional about reversing the brain drain, and we have a lot of graduates staying in the region,” she says.

Looking back on the past three decades, Beth has a lot to be proud of. After leaving a career in higher education, she earned her real estate license in 1993 and launched her own agency. Today, Sold by the Gold Inc. is in the top 1% of local REALTORs by sales volume. But while there has been much success, there’s also been sadness. Life took an unexpected and tragic turn in 2003 when her business partner and sister Beverly passed away after a battle with breast cancer. That’s when Beth added a pink ribbon to her logo and began donating to breast cancer causes. When she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer five years later, that commitment increased, and the Sold by the Gold team has since given more than $180,000 to the cause. 

These days, Beth refers to her home as the Aunt Colony, a place where family can gather. “I take great pride because we have kind of a menagerie of adult kids and their kids, so it’s always a joy. We became home base after my sister died and then her husband passed as well. Being the homestead for the family is definitely important,” Beth stresses.

Moving forward, she’s determined to leave a legacy. “Making meaningful moments in the journey that we’re given is crucial, and so while we can’t control certain parts of our lives, we can make meaningful moments and have a meaningful impact.” 

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