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The OPS Dupont Fitness Center offers a whole new way of tailoring workouts for every body.
Sep 12, 2022
Jennifer Blomquist
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“There is nothing else like this in our area,” says Jason Russell, executive director of Optimum Performance Sports. “Our facility is a one-stop shop for the entire family to be healthy and it’s available 24/7.”

OPS (Optimum Performance Sports) Fitness Center opened last November on the Dupont medical campus on Fort Wayne’s north side.  

Situated between Dupont Hospital and I-69, the 99,000 square-foot facility boasts a long list of amenities and services that make it a true standout in the fitness industry. Fort Wayne Orthopedics and Optimal Performance Therapy are also housed within the space.

“A tremendous amount of detail went into planning this facility,” says Lorie Ailor, CEO of The Orthopedic Hospital. “It’s a state-of-the-art performance training and fitness center with a great staff, top-notch equipment and an easy to navigate layout. You really have to experience it to appreciate the positive impact it can have on your health.”

The OPS team spent four years planning and preparing for the Dupont facility, which is the third OPS center in northeast Indiana.

“The Warsaw location and the Ash Centre location in Fort Wayne are mostly athlete-driven performance centers,” says Russell. “OPS Dupont is solely focused on fitness. We traveled around the country to look at fitness facilities and saw what some did really well, but also thought about what we could do differently and better. In the end, we’re all one team trying to help somebody meet their fitness or health care goals. The biggest reason people don’t go to the gym or quit their membership is because they don’t have a plan of attack. Using science, along with the expertise of physicians and overseeing our clients as they work out, has proven to be a successful way to help people reach their goals.”

One-year memberships are offered that include 24/7 access to the fitness center. Anyone interested in joining OPS Fitness Center is welcome to a guided tour of the facility as well as a free, one-week trial membership.  

Another strongly appealing factor about the fitness club is its partnership with iFIT.

“Right now, we are the only gym in the world whose members get a free iFIT membership when they sign up with us,” says Russell. “iFIT is an interactive, app-based system with over 17,000 videos and different exercise programs. When our members use our treadmills, ellipticals or any cardio equipment, they log into iFIT and can track what they’re doing. We also have a state-of-the-art spin facility along with adult training classes that are similar to the way college athletes train. We feel this really sets us apart from other facilities. We have between 10 and 12 classes every day ranging from yoga to Pilates to meditation for mental health.”

In addition, Russell says there’s a metabolic lab to provide testing for members to give them a true scientific picture of their fitness and progress.

“We have a 3D body scanner that is very comparable to DEXA. It can tell us the amount of lean body mass you have, and that allows us to help you develop a plan from both a nutrition and exercise standpoint to get you to your goal. Over 90% of people who sign up for gym memberships want to lose belly fat or body fat, and if they don’t achieve that in the first four to six weeks, they usually quit. That’s what we’re trying to prevent. We want people to have an attainable goal, but also objective data to support it. If the scale doesn’t move, but our scanner shows us they’ve lost body fat, we can give them that objective and scientific data.”

“Looking at a medically-integrated fitness facility, research shows it’s an effective means of reducing health care costs, especially for high-risk populations,” says Ailor. “We’re trying to get people healthier to prevent medical issues in the future.”

A uniquely fun and interactive childcare activities program is also offered to members, and within the fitness building is a family-friendly, healthy restaurant called SMPL Kitchen.  

“We’re blessed as a hospital to have something like this on our campus,” says Mark Dooley, CEO of Dupont Hospital. “Health care systems are evolving and we’re now looking at how we can help people be healthier, rather than only being a place they go to when they’re sick. To have something this innovative, with cutting edge equipment and the link to iFIT, sets our campus apart from others. We are all excited to be a part of this.” 

OPS Fitness Club

Phone: (260) 479-2720


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