Designing Workplace Recruitment and Retention
Mar 4, 2020
W. Brad Wanek, Bona Vita Architecture

In the current job environment, employers need to look for every advantage in recruiting and retaining team members. A building’s design, layout and atmosphere have become vital to a potential employee’s selection and the efficiency and culture of the organization. For these reasons, it is best to work with an experienced workplace architect to create a place where people want to be. The design must take style and efficiency to the next level. By creating work communities within the space for ease of communication and centrally locating shared amenities like break and conference rooms and the maximization of exterior views, new office spaces create a sense of place and show each team member that they are valued within the organization.

It is with this place-making concept that the building design features come together to create a sense of identity that is unique, while still carrying concepts through from the company standards. Working with the color scheme and concept as it relates to the company name, there is opportunity with each facility to select state of the art light fixtures and interior finishes which include LED color accents and organic forms and geometries that are unique to the facility and set it apart from all others. It is with these types of details across an entire project that work to establish a specific identity that can generate greater interest and intrigue within such spaces.

Whether designing a new building or updating a multi-level facility, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of an individual’s space is vital to their health and happiness. Studies have shown that aspects like natural lighting, optimum acoustic levels, inspiring finishes, correct equipment placement and views of nature, all impact well-being and positivity in the workplace. In addition, co-workers are also seeking engaging spaces where they can take a quick phone call, break areas where they have access to quality food, beverage and relaxation options, gathering areas with comfortable seating for lounging and collaborating with co-workers, and meeting rooms with the most up-to-date and easy to use technology, ensuring all of their hard work takes center stage. 

If designed correctly, people should walk through the space and be able to say, ‘I can see myself being here.’

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