Entrepreneurial Spirit

Though the company’s focus may be on helping small businesses, Kyle Gough Law creates solutions for businesses of any type.
Feb 5, 2020
Heather Herron
Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kyle Gough is not only an attorney; he considers himself to be an entrepreneur as well. His new law practice, Kyle Gough Law, combines his years of experience with that entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others succeed. 

“Really I was inspired by the entrepreneurs in Fort Wayne themselves,” he explains. “I just listened to them and asked, ‘How can I structure this product and my company to help them?’ There is a legal need and they can’t always afford traditional services. I wanted to create a valuable product to address those needs.”

The result is Founder’s Counsel – an innovative service that’s designed for individuals, young companies and small businesses in northeast Indiana who are just getting started or are more established but can’t afford to have a lawyer on staff. 

Founder’s Counsel uses technology to creatively address common problems and simultaneously offer ongoing legal guidance and support. Clients receive an initial consultation, quarterly meetings and unlimited 30-minute consultations per legal issue. The subscription also includes two professional contract reviews per month along with access to an educational center and a document library. It’s all managed in a private and secure online portal.

“A lot of entrepreneurs face similar legal challenges. I’ve identified those challenges and have developed a new way to resolve them effectively and efficiently. This allows me to focus on crafting custom solutions to address the specific needs of each client.”

But Kyle Gough Law does not just serve emerging companies. The firm’s goal-oriented approach works for all types of businesses. “I help my clients identify their business goals and then collaborate with them to develop a plan to achieve those goals. Every plan involves optimizing their legal department while minimizing liability,” Gough says. “Small legal issues can become big legal issues. For small businesses especially, big legal issues often prove insurmountable. A lot of them don’t recover.”

In the end, the entire community benefits from having an innovative business lawyer on the scene. “The entrepreneurial community here is still pretty young. The business-friendly climate has been a catalyst for growth,” he says. “My firm is designed to help business clients attain their goals. For example, Founder’s Counsel helps entrepreneurs attract investors, which builds momentum for everybody involved. Better-structured companies attract more investors and more investors attract entrepreneurs.” 

Kyle Gough Law

Address: 4211 Clubview Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804

Phone: (260) 414-4878

Website: kylegough.com

Email: kgough@kylegough.com

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