The Last Word

Fort Wayne Living is Changing
Feb 5, 2020
Alicia Tharp, editor
The Last Word

With Fort Wayne Living (and all our publications), we are always looking for ways to improve and grow. If you can’t grow and change with the times, that will certainly hurt you in the long run. 

In our pursuit of growth, we’re going to be making some changes with Fort Wayne Living. The biggest change is our name. With our May issue, the magazine will have a new name — one that reflects the direction we would like our publication to go; one that reflects a more regional focus. We want to tell stories from Fort Wayne and far beyond.

We have ideas about the stories we would like to see in this renamed and refocused publication, but we want to put a call out to you, our readers. What stories would you like to see? What stories from the northeast Indiana region need to be told? We would like to hear story ideas from you and we would like to tell them. Please reach out to me directly at to chat with me about
your ideas. 

With this change, we feel we are going to bring you even more excellent content from the region to go along with the fabulous photography and design you have come to expect. Thank you to our readers and advertisers for your support. We wouldn’t have this beautiful publication without you!

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