Are You Engaged?

No, I don't mean engaged to be married. Instead, are you engaged at work?
May 1, 2016
Dena Jacquay
Are You Engaged?

Employee engagement is becoming a more common measurement primarily because of its direct correlation to achieving business outcomes, irrespective of the industry. Gallup reported that in 2015, only 32 percent of U.S. employees are engaged at work, while 17.2 percent are actively disengaged. With employees representing an organization’s most valuable resource, it is no wonder the focus on engagement, and its return on investment, have become so meaningful. 

Measuring employee engagement is so much more than happiness in your job or satisfaction with your employer. Employee engagement is centered on being invested in the success of the organization and being emotionally committed to its mission. Engagement is about capturing employees’ heads, hearts and hands. 

Engagement has the ability to unlock potential and drive high performance. So, how does that translate into action? What does engagement look like? Below are some key descriptors of being engaged:

-Employees identify themselves as a vital part of the team and feel as though the contributions they make are important. This includes how they are recognized for their work and accomplishments. 

-Employees have a sense of pride in their work, as well as the work of the organization. This includes confidence in both the direct supervisor and the senior leadership team to lead the company in the right direction. 

-Employees are optimistic about their future with the organization and continually seek new and innovative ways to contribute to its success. 

-Employees use power of influence to achieve goals and objectives that align with the business. One of the largest barriers to engagement is employees do not fully understand how their work connects to that of the organization and its mission, vision and values. 

-Employees have a work/life balance. This sometimes carries a negative connotation, but it is essential to inspiring engaged employees. Having outside interests can spark great creativity and innovation and allow the necessary downtime to rejuvenate and reenergize. 

-Employees work with a sense of purpose and are confident in their abilities to achieve goals, even when dealing with ambiguity or challenges. 

We all own how we come to work each day. When passion meets purpose is where extraordinary things can happen, and going to work is no longer a “job.” Instead it is where you find meaning and joy in serving others. So, ask yourself, are you engaged?

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