The Movie Marathon

A cinematic adventure
Aug 1, 2014
Lynette Fager, editor
The Movie Marathon

Math isn’t my strong suit, but I can count. A few months ago, I put those skills to the test and decided to count all the movies in the collection my husband, Josh, and I have curated since we got married. The final count: 337. But that was a few months ago. Today, the total is over 350. 

That’s a lot of movies and we a quite pleased with our collection, but we had a problem. You see, I had seen all of my movies and Josh had seen all of his movies, but we hadn’t seen all of each other’s movies. For the first few years of our marriage, we acknowledged this problem, but we struggled to remedy the issue because we were caught in a movie rut. We wanted to keep playing the old favorites instead of branching out into uncharted water. So, Josh and I made a deal and The Movie Marathon was born. 

Here’s how it works: We put all of our movies in alphabetical order and whenever we want to watch a movie (which is often), we watch the next one in line. No picking or bargaining involved (we realized we had been wasting precious minutes of our lives debating what to watch). This plan meant that we would eventually watch through our entire collection together! Sounds great, right? 

I took this experience one step further, however, and decided to blog about it. Each movie we watch gets a review from Siskel and Ebert (i.e. Josh and me). It has been fun to talk about each movie after it’s over. We’ve learned quite a bit about each other as we discuss parts we love and parts we hate, actors we like and those we don’t care for, styles we appreciate and those we abhor. It’s been quite an adventure. Want to follow our journey? Check out my blog at  

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