All About... Julie Eckert Clancy

Fashionista, singing sensation, golf enthusiast and our very own fashion editor
Aug 1, 2014
Lynette Fager, editor
Steve Vorderman
All About... Julie Eckert Clancy

AllAbout-web11) After 20 years in business at Jophiel, I can confidently say I know a thing or two about style and trends. Trends may come and go, but I’ll always love leopard!

2) I purchased these pictures from my voice teacher. They are from the antique collection of the Men of Vanity Fair. The pictures were hung throughout my voice teacher’s studio for years. Having them in my home brings back great memories.

3) Though you may see a simple pitcher, this pitcher is very special to me; it is my great grandmother’s cut glass pitcher and its over 100 years old.

4) Shoes are a love of mine; these happen to be my current favorites. They are printed velvet platform pumps by designer Claudia Cuiti.  

5) Though singing is not something I do often these days, these are some of my opera scores. I am a trained lyric soprano. 

6) Having this frame that includes my father’s army picture and my mother’s senior class picture reminds me how fortunate I have been to have loving and giving parents. 

7) My baby pictures remind me we are always the same innocent idea of God, no matter what our human age.

8) Moses, our cat. We have two other cats, Marni and Delilah, but they wouldn’t cooperate for the photo. 

9) In 2006 my husband gave me a baby grand piano as an anniversary gift.

10) The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie and I have the pop-up storybook. As a young singer, I loved Judy Garland.

11) Maui is our favorite vacation spot! I never forget my sun hat, Havaianas flip flops and a cute beach bag!  

12) As a young singer, I loved to perform. This photo shows my father giving me flowers after a solo concert. 

13) I attended Sherwood Conservatory of Music in Chicago and this piece of art is an original sketch from the Conservatory. Sherwood had an extensive art collection and when a large part of the collection was auctioned off, this was a piece I could afford at the time.  I had it framed in Fort Wayne.

14) My husband, Jerry, is very important to me. This is a photo of us on our wedding day. We’ve been married for 12 years. 

15) I love baking for my family and others, especially cinnamon rolls. This is our special family recipe. They’re so yummy!

16) These are some of the Fort Wayne Living fashion spreads I have been involved with, and they are opened to one of my favorite spreads. I am currently the fashion editor for Fort Wayne Living.

17) I start each day reading the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. I even have two plaques by Mrs. Eddy; I keep one in my office and the other at my home. They remind me that I abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

18) Golfing is something I do in my free time. It is a hobby I have grown to love. This is my current golf equipment.

19) In the 13 years I’ve been golfing, I have had two holes-in-one. Naturally I kept the two lucky balls.

20) This is a monotype print by Leah Strass Grant of the outside of Jophiel. It was a gift from her when she interned at Jophiel in the summer of 2009. She returned in January as a full-time employee.  

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