Caution: Kids at Play

Enter a world of pure imagination where bills and jobs and responsibility are just words and play is mandatory.
Aug 1, 2014
Lynette Fager, editor
Jeffrey Crane

Allow your imagination to run wild and free. That’s what two local kids clothing retailers – Matilda Jane and The Good Ones – did when they created their current lines.

Soaking up every last morsel of summer, Matilda Jane’s collection pulls in colors and ruffles to make the girliest of girls smile and skip. Channeling a rock ’n’ roll vibe, The Good Ones created a collection that’s all about comfort and inspiration for the rock stars in a make-believe band. 

Matilda Jane and The Good Ones believe that kids are kids and should be allowed – nay, encouraged! – to be creative and to use their imagination. And their collections showcase just that – imagination.  


Go behind the scenes of the fashion shoot
with this ADORABLE video!


A huge THANK YOU goes out to Amber Rafferty and Audrey Smith of 5 Elements; Matilda Jane; The Good Ones; Kim and Ron Carpenter for the use of their beautiful home; and our kid models Avah Crane, Karis Davis, Katherine Gidley, Rose Wanjema, Sesily Wanjema, Andrew Gidley, Anthony Gidley, Ryan Salinas and Zachary Gidley and their parents.


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