Deck Your Walls

A subtle but critical component to your home’s appeal is the paint on the walls and trim.
Oct 30, 2013
Deck Your Walls

Anybody can paint a fence,” says Bob Grabill. “But to do the detail work takes skill and experience.”

As the owner of Grabill Painting & Drywall, Grabill should know. Grabill has dedicated his company and his career to making homes look beautiful and unique by paying attention to details.

Your walls and trim are the biggest items in your home—even bigger than the flooring,” explains Grabill. “When you walk into a home, that’s what you see. No one walks around and puts their hands on the carpet, but they will walk around and put their hands on the trim and the walls as they admire it.”

Grabill recognizes the importance of first impressions. He says if you do a job right the first time, it leads to more business opportunities in the future.

“For example,” Grabill shares, “we’ll paint someone’s house and a couple of years later, they may put up a new office building and then we’re hired to paint the office building because the customer was happy with the work we did before.”

Grabill says no job is too big or too small.

“We work on everything from starter homes to million-dollar mansions,” he explains. “And every customer, every home and every office is treated with the same level of quality.”

Grabill says one of the most unique features about his company revolves around his dedication to customer service.

“Our service department sets us apart from other drywall and paint contractors,” he says. “We have five people dedicated solely to service. Keeping our builders, general contractors and homeowners happy is key.”

Grabill says many of his customers keep in touch with them over the years for maintenance, touch-ups and repairs.

“Suppose you need your front door painted or your son runs through the garage door or someone gets mad and accidentally shoves a doorknob through the wall. That’s what our service guys will take care of. We make very little money off those small jobs, but we look at the big picture and realize it’s part of maintaining relationships with our customers.”

Nine years ago, Grabill partnered with Tim Pieri to create All Finishes Inc. The company works in tandem with Grabill Painting & Drywall to develop business opportunities outside of Allen County. The companies share a pool of employees as well as the same high-quality work ethic.

“We can do everything when it comes to painting and drywall,” Grabill explains. “We specialize in combination painting and drywall jobs. We also offer custom painting techniques such as glazing and texturizing.”

In combination, the companies cover roughly a 200-mile radius encompassing northern Indiana, southern Michigan, northwest Ohio and even areas beyond that for certain jobs. 

“We did all the painting work at the Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky., which was a big job,” says Grabill. “We’re also working on the newly-built Heritage of Fort Wayne senior living community and we’ve done work at DeKalb Health in Auburn and Indiana Tech Student Housing to name just a few jobs.”

Convenient, off-site finishing work is also available. Kitchen cabinets, exterior doors and more can be painted in the company’s shop and returned to the job site for installation.

Grabill says this team is always looking for ways to do their jobs as efficiently as possible, adding that paint has come a long way.

“The old flat paints have been refined, so they’re much better quality today and you can wash them,” he explains. “It’s definitely a step above what used to be available.”

Grabill also points out that his company was one of the first locally to invest in spraying equipment.

“While everyone else was just brushing paint on the trim, we bought high-quality spray equipment that makes a huge difference in the finished product,” he says. “And we switched to lacquers a long time ago, so the finish we put on trim is the same that you’d have on your cabinets.”

Grabill Painting & Drywall, in conjunction with All Finishes Inc., can also refer customers to professional designers to help homeowners and business owners select color schemes, technique and style.

You want your home and your office to make a statement,” explains Grabill. “We can make that happen for you.”

Running a successful business is a commitment that Grabill takes seriously. It’s not unusual for him to work six days a week on a regular basis.

“Our motto is ‘Quality You Can Trust’” he says. “If you treat people fairly, they should treat you fairly in return. When I go home at night, I know that our customers are happy with the work we’ve done.” 

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