Sweetwater Sound Inc. Keeps on Growing

Company will add 110,000 square feet and more than 316 full-time positions
Jul 2, 2012

sweetwater-logoSweetwater Sound Inc. has announced its decision to expand once again in Fort Wayne-Allen County. The company will add 110,000 square feet to its current facility and more than 315 full-time positions to its existing workforce of 413 over the next four years.

“Thanks to the great work of the Economic Development Alliance, Sweetwater will be able to continue to create jobs and grow in Fort Wayne,” says Chuck Surack, Sweetwater founder and president.

Sweetwater’s decision to expand its current facility allows the company to enhance its headquarters’ campus and maintain fully-integrated operations. The expansion will include 35,000 square feet of additional warehouse space with the remaining 75,000 square feet devoted to marketing and sales staff, plus additional conference and training space.

“It is a great day when we can tout the success of a homegrown company like Sweetwater Sound,” says Governor Mitch Daniels. “With less red tape and lower taxes, Indiana is creating a growth structure for existing business to flourish and a framework to cultivate future successes.”

Sweetwater Sound plans to invest at least $23.6 million. The company was offered an incentive package of $7.1 million to be phased in over 10 years from the State of Indiana, Allen County and the City of Fort Wayne, which would be available based on Sweetwater meeting annual benchmarks including job creation.

 “Sweetwater Sound has been a national jewel and a cornerstone of the Allen County community,” says Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters. “Its desire to expand operations exemplifies the contribution it continues to make to the local landscape. This is an opportunity that we are extremely grateful for and one that will allow us to help them become even more successful.”

Sweetwater began business 33 years ago in Fort Wayne and is the country’s most respected dealer in high technology equipment for musicians, recording studios and broadcasters. Over the last several years, Sweetwater’s growth in sales has been averaging more than 20 percent per year. The company is currently the third largest music instrument and pro audio retailer in the United States. 


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