Android Industries to Add a New Location

The company currently has 16 facilities throughout the world
May 1, 2012

Android Industries (Android) announced today that it will be locating a new operation at 13008 Fogwell Parkway Road. The company plans to make improvements to the existing building by adding 4,000 square feet to the office area and installing additional shipping bays. Android will hire 66 new employees for its Fort Wayne location which is scheduled to be operational in August.

Android is an automotive manufacturing company that specializes in sub-assembly, sequencing and logistics. The company has twelve plants in the United States, three plants in Mexico, one plant in Spain, one plant in Brazil, and the location in Allen County, Indiana will increase the company’s footprint to seventeen plant locations. Android will invest nearly $7.3 million in its new facility, making it the largest investment in Allen County in 2012.

“Android chose Indiana and specifically Fort Wayne because it’s both an employee and employer friendly environment,” stated Dave Donnay, vice president of human resources at Android Industries. “The fact that Fort Wayne has earned the distinction of being ‘an All American City’ validates our choice. This award is earned by community problem solving, collaboratively tackling problems and achieving results, and these attributes are in line with Android’s founding principles. Recently, Indiana became a right to work state. Fort Wayne offers us a competitive location and a skilled work force to complement our state of the art technology. All of these factors went into choosing Fort Wayne.”

The Allen County Council will consider an abatement that will phase in property taxes associated with the project. Android could save approximately $229,700 while still paying over $143,000 in real estate and personal property tax over the next seven years.

“We are excited to welcome Android Industries to the Allen County community,” stated Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters. “Allen County will continue to provide the skilled workforce and environment that will allow the company to grow here.”

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation offered Android Industries Ft. Wayne LLC up to $350,000 in conditional tax credits and up to $50,000 in training grants based on the company’s job creation plans. These tax credits are performance-based, meaning until Hoosiers are hired, the company is not eligible to claim incentives.

“We have worked hard to create one of the best business climates in the country,” said Governor Mitch Daniels. “I am happy that Android chose Indiana to open this new operation.”

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