Supporting a Healthier Workforce

Parkview Employer Solutions has a new name and a renewed focus on helping local businesses manage health care costs.
May 9, 2022
Provided by Parkview Health
Supporting a Healthier Workforce

Both businesses and co-workers have a strong interest in high-quality, affordable health care. Parkview Employer Solutions is collaborating with businesses in the region to create new ways to manage health care costs. Formerly known as Parkview Total Health, Parkview Employer Solutions has a new name and a renewed energy to help the local business community by developing innovative, value-based products. 

This division of Parkview works to improve the physical and mental health of its co-workers and the financial health of businesses. Parkview Employer Solutions provides a variety of services to employers and their workforces, including health insurance products, occupational health, workplace wellness programs and an employee assistance program. 

“With an eye on innovation, Parkview Employer Solutions is focused on expanding its offerings and building deeper, more direct relationships with employers,” says Greg Johnson, DO, MMM, chief clinical integration and employer solutions officer, Parkview Health.

As many in the surrounding area receive health insurance coverage through their employers, Parkview Health believes it is critical to continue to innovate and develop strategic partnerships with employers to manage health care costs. 

“We believe that through partnerships with employers, we can work together to favorably bend the cost curve of health care,” says Melissa McKown, corporate director, Parkview Employer Solutions.

To understand the challenges businesses face, Parkview Employer Solutions dedicates time to listen to business owners. Two of the many ways it accomplishes this is through Thought Leader Forums with area businesses and a biannual community forum, Healthy Business Matters. As a result of these conversations, Parkview Employer Solutions has launched a new product. 

New Insurance Products
Launched at the beginning of the year, Parkview Select Care is a new, fully insured health plan built around receiving care from Parkview Physicians Group providers and an extended network of clinically-integrated specialists.

“Parkview strongly believes it has not only built the highest quality health care delivery system in our region, but it has also developed solutions like Parkview Select Care that strengthen the value of the services we deliver for the community and area employers,” Johnson says.

Parkview Employer Solutions also has plans in place for creating new, innovative health plans for employers and their teams that focus on sharing risk to align the efforts of the employers and Parkview Health. 

“We work hard to tailor our products to the needs of every employer,” Johnson says. “We know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.” 

You can learn more about Parkview Employer Solutions and the new insurance products at 

Join the next Healthy Business Matters on September 14 at 8 a.m. EST. Email us for an invitation.

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