At Home At Canterbury

Canterbury alum Dr. David Habecker chooses the school for his career and family.
Apr 4, 2022
Natalie A. Trout
Meg Miller
At Home At Canterbury

Dr. David Habecker just can’t let go of his fond memories at Canterbury School. He graduated from Canterbury High School in 1989, returned to teach at the high school years later and now his own daughters are middle school students at Canterbury School.

“When one of my former teachers told me about an opening at Canterbury, I was immediately interested,” Habecker says. “When I came back to visit, I was delighted to see how the school had grown and flourished in the years since I was a student.”

Habecker, along with his wife and daughter, relocated to Indiana to be closer to family and to accept the position as a history teacher at his alma mater.

When he was a student, Canterbury High School had only around 100 students and he graduated with just 25 in his class. Today, Canterbury High School averages around 60 students per grade, which is still significantly smaller than most area schools. The small class sizes allow for more intimate discussions on subject area topics.

“I remember talking about great books with friends and teachers who really cared about me,” reflects Habecker, thinking back on his years as a Canterbury student. “I am grateful for the relationships I was able to build with so many of my teachers who would regularly take time to talk with me outside of class.”

Now he is one of those teachers; inspiring Canterbury High School students each day. He’s taught everything from World History and AP World History to classes like Rise of China Seminar and Modern Middle East Seminar. One of his favorite units to teach his ninth grade World History students is that of Ancient China and India. The unit compares different outlooks on the world, from the perspective of Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism, Hinduism and Buddhism. As part of the unit, he asks students to think about a big picture question: What makes a person great? This leads to fascinating conversations.

Habecker loves that his daughters are receiving the same outstanding educational experience that he had as a Canterbury student. Aside from what they learn on campus, they are given many educational opportunities off campus as well. The annual architecture tour in Chicago and the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario are two notable field trips the students get to experience.

“Canterbury is a school where curiosity and exploration are strongly encouraged,” Habecker says. “Class sizes remain small, and I am surrounded by incredibly talented colleagues who have an impressive depth of expertise in their respective fields and who are excited to invest in the lives of young people.” 

Canterbury High School

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