Standing the Test of Time

Peña’s Mechanical Contractors’ successful business model centers on taking care of people.
Dec 3, 2021
Tammy Davis
Standing the Test of Time

Isaac and Adam Peña know the value of relationships. When the contractor that employed them and their father closed its doors in 2003, not only had they lost their jobs, but several customers also faced being left in the lurch. Their next move seemed obvious and the Peñas started their own company within a few weeks. The newly formed Peña’s Mechanical Contractors, Inc. focused on servicing the customers left stranded, which set the tone for how they continue to do business.

“Other people might do what we do,” explains Isaac Peña, vice president, “but not everyone can take care of customers.”

Peña’s Mechanical provides project management and industrial support to companies throughout the area. The company offers a wide range of services in this space.

“We do so much,” explains Adam Peña, president. “We are a mechanical contracting company that specializes in the industrial sector. We have a full fabrication shop where we can water-jet, shear, form and weld all kinds of things. We design, build and install a lot of structural systems – stairways, catwalks and platforms. We also fabricate, install and maintain process piping systems, and material handling systems.”

Peña’s Mechanical consistently strives to distinguish itself from competitors by maintaining higher standards. For example, Peña’s carries an R Stamp certification from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. This allows the company to handle repairs and alterations to metallic pressure retaining mechanisms both on-site and in shop. It requires rigorous attention to detail and adherence to strict ASME welding standards.

This same attention to detail applies to all of its jobs, from designing and fabricating material handling systems to providing support services to overtaxed maintenance departments.

“It all boils down to quality of work and taking care of customers,” says Adam. “We have really good working relationships with our clients and we deliver quality work at a reasonable price. We let our work speak for us.”

For the Peñas, good working relationships extend beyond those with customers. They involve everyone, from the top to the bottom of the company, as well as inside and out. They believe if they treat their own people like family, those values will proliferate. 

“The relationships we’ve established over the years – it’s not just us; it’s our guys,” says Isaac. “We take care of people inside and outside and so do they.”

Clearly, that strategy works. Peña’s Mechanical rose from adversity, survived the recession of 2008, and overcame the challenges presented by a global pandemic, all while continuing to attract customers who keep coming back.

“We’ll do whatever our customer asks us to do,” says Adam. “Taking care of people is a time-tested truth.”

Peña’s Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Owner(s): Adam Peña, President & Isaac Peña, Vice President

Address: 405 Carol Ann Lane, Ossian, Indiana 46777

Phone: (260) 622-1312


Years in Business: 18

Number of Employees: 35

Products & Services: Engineering and project management. Industrial support services that include piping, fabrication, millwright, material handling systems and maintenance support services

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