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With over 50 years of experience, Perry proTECH is a standout in technology services.
Sep 7, 2021
Karla St. Myers
Tim Brumbeloe

When it comes to technology in today’s world, one thing is certain: nothing is going to stay the same for long. In a society that is everchanging at an accelerated pace, technology is the answer to an immense amount of demands, which means it too is constantly evolving. Perry proTECH, a leading IT and managed service provider, has consistently stayed on top of these changes over the course of the past 55 years and continues to excel in its field today.

Perry Corporation was first established in 1965 by Rex Perry as a traditional imaging business, providing copier and printer service and supplies. As time progressed and demands changed within the industry, Perry proTECH purchased an IT hardware and services provider. At this time, a full imaging, IT and services provider was born.

Perry proTECH, now a leading provider of business technology solutions and products, supports clients throughout Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. It serves thousands of companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries including government, health care, utilities, financial services, manufacturing and education. 

“Our products and solution set are for companies of any size,” says Patrick Summers, president. “We partner with companies in all vertical markets and provide a variety of products and services.”

The company boasts a notable variety of products offered to clients, including state-of-the-art office technology such as copiers, printers, multi-function devices and security hardware solutions to allow them to protect their customer’s property and people.

“We have the ability to go into a client’s account and secure their location with cameras, door access and full network integration,” says Summers. “We also offer thermal cameras that can read temperature as an individual enters a facility.” 

As technology is continually developing, the company, with the help of its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), stays on top of the market by keeping its eyes focused on new products and software solutions that best benefit its clients. Its partnership with industry leaders in IT products allows the business to house solutions that are extremely efficient and cost effective. The Fort Wayne facility acts as a technology center that showcases the company’s products and services. 

“Our customers can call our help desk and get support for any and all of the solutions that we provide,” says Summers. “We are a one-stop-shop and have highly trained resources who are ready to engage with our customers.”

In 1985 the company became an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan.) As an employee-owned business, every single person that works for Perry proTECH has ownership and shares in its successes. This, along with a positive work culture and environment, motivates employees to think creatively and work together.

“The ESOP permeates the culture of our company, and it sets the tone for how our employees think and act,” says Summers. “They take ownership in knowing that helping a customer means good things for the company.” 

In business now for over five decades, Perry proTECH continues to set annual growth and performance records, attributing its success to its most valued asset, the employee owners. 

“Being outstanding as a service provider, whether it’s in an IT space or imaging, is about two things,” says Summers. “First, the most important asset we have is our employee owners. They are what sets us apart. Secondly, it’s about the development, training and resources we provide our employees to delight our customers. At the end of the day it’s about how we support and service our clients.” 

Perry ProTech

Owner(s): Patrick Summers

Address: 545 W. Market St. Lima, Ohio 45801

Phone: (800) 589-7370


Years in Business: 55

Products & Services: Copiers, printers, managed print services, IT hardware, IT services, managed network services, security hardware services.

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