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Aug 6, 2021
Jason Blume, Trine University - Innovation One

Do you have a quality issue you haven’t been able to resolve? Do you have a process you know you could improve, if you just had the resources and a few extra people to dedicate to the job? Do you have a recurring concern and wish you had someone to come up with a magical solution to resolve it? Have you considered asking your local university for assistance?

Some universities offer a number of business resources and innovative, cost-effective solutions. These can include:

Technical expertise in areas such as engineering and structural design, prototyping, material testing, quality analysis, chemical analysis, project fabrication, CNC, 3D printing and more.

Assistance with tasks including developing new products, business expansion or business development, strategic marketing plans and employee training.

Improvements to current processes or products.

Circuit analysis and software design.

Universities should be able to provide access to faculty members with Ph.Ds in business, engineering and the sciences, as well as potential interns, co-ops, students, and graduates. These individuals can then use state-of-the-art technology and training to assist in developing solutions to business needs. 

Students and/or teams of students, with the support of industry expert faculty members, should be able to work on organizational projects for a whole semester as a classroom project, or as a senior capstone, providing the company with award-winning results. This helps universities to provide enhanced educational opportunities for students through experiential learning, and fosters economic development by supporting new and existing businesses.  

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