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STAR Wealth Management helps clients plan for the future at any stage of life.
Jun 4, 2021
Heather Herron
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Keith Davis knows numbers. He’s spent four decades helping others manage their money and meet their financial goals. But as president of STAR Wealth Management, his job isn’t just about spreadsheets and data. It’s about people. 

“We don’t sell anything. We have no products. What we do is listen and help our clients craft solutions for whatever situation they’re in or goal they have,” says Davis. 

“We treat all of our clients like family and we’re a true partner,” adds Vice President & Senior Investment Officer Matt Henry. “Those relationships, I think, get very deep and even cross generations. We’re a fiduciary firm, which means it’s a legal requirement to put our clients’ best interests first and foremost at all times, including before ourselves. We’re held to the highest standards.”

Davis and Henry are part of a team that works to provide a comprehensive approach to investments, trusts, estate planning and administration, and retirement portfolios. Dealing with those types of things can be stressful and overwhelming, so members of the STAR Wealth Management Team pride themselves on helping people prepare for the inevitable. 

“We really don’t believe in keeping things close to our vest and hiding all of our trade secrets. We try to be very transparent and open with our clients so that they know exactly what we’re doing, exactly what our capabilities are, and we’re happy to perform those out in the open as much as possible,” says Henry.

“We really meet people at whatever stage of life they’re in,” explains Senior Vice President and Senior Trust Officer Kate Miller. “We’re helping people save for college through 529 plans or there are times when children or older adults can’t take care of their finances, so we are oftentimes named as the guardian to take care of the finances. It’s really a large spectrum of things we do. We can’t really pinpoint one type of person that we help because we help so many different types of people.”

Having expertise in different areas makes members of the STAR Wealth Management team equipped to handle nearly every situation. While they capitalize on their own experience, they also have connections with local attorneys and CPAs to make sure clients are taken care of in every way possible. 

“We get very close with our clients and also with their centers of influences. I will be a quarterback for my client,” stresses Vice President and Senior Trust Officer Erika Dornseif. “If my client has a problem, I know who to go to get an answer. I’ll advocate for them and I think our clients appreciate that. 

We really do become their trusted resource.”

What sets STAR apart from other similar financial institutions is that it’s a community bank. Founded in Indiana, the focus on building relationships with customers has always been a priority. 

“There are vast cultural differences in institutions and the larger they get, the harder it is for clients to form solid relationships with true decision makers,” Davis says. “I think your community bank is a terrific place to begin.”

“With regards to being a community bank, the decisions we’re making are happening right here in our clients’ backyard. You’re not picking up the phone and getting an 800 number and waiting on hold. You’re going to get one of us on the phone,” says Miller.

That personalized attention means clients aren’t going to find a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach. And the team’s commitment to those they serve ensures that each client’s needs are met on an individual basis. Miller says conversations about estate planning and trusts can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding. That sentiment is shared by all of the team members.

“I enjoy helping people achieve a successful outcome. We have numerous cases that we’ve all shared together where you start with just the smallest kernel of an opportunity and you work with the client and success builds upon itself,” Davis says. “You end up 10 years down the road and not only have you reached the goal that was originally set, but you’ve also exceeded it.’ 

“It feels so great to be a part of the community getting bigger and stronger and know that we got to be a part of that in the background,” Henry says with pride. “It’s super rewarding to know that people’s lives are getting better, and we get to play a role.” 

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