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The staff at Rosswurm Law guide clients through family law issues with caring and compassion.
Jun 4, 2021
Heather Herron
Tim Brumbeloe

When John Hogan was going through a divorce, he sought the help of attorney Tracey Rosswurm. 

“Tracey said, ‘Don’t worry. We’re going to take care of you.’ That was the beginning of a good relationship,” Hogan recalls. “They did what they said they were going to do. There was a lot of fear on my part, and they were very good about putting me at ease and calming the fears.” 

When Adam Gaddy and his wife needed help with legally adopting each other’s children from previous relationships, a friend referred them to Rosswurm Law. 

“It was super easy. There really wasn’t a whole lot that we had to do. They made it as easy as possible and were always giving us information and updates on what was going on, what was the next step,” says Gaddy. 

For Rosswurm, those are just two cases out of hundreds that she and her associates handle each year. But each one is personal. When she became an attorney in 1999, her goal was simple. She vowed to be accessible to clients and responsive to their needs during what is typically a stressful time for them. 

“It’s a big deal to hire an attorney, because it’s stressful and expensive,” Rosswurm says. “We get a lot of naysayers because we’re doing it differently, but this is what works for this firm and what works for the clients — and the clients are No. 1.” 

Her motto is “Focused. On you. For you.” and Rosswurm says that hasn’t wavered from day one. Her practice has grown over the years, but the care and attention they give to each client remains a priority. Whether it’s divorce, custody and visitation disputes, child support, guardianship, adoption or protective orders, they can handle any type of family issue that might arise. 

“It can be hard to get in touch with an attorney. I want attorneys who are prompt in getting back with people. I want attorneys who are accessible. I want attorneys who are collaborative. I want solutions. I think that’s what people need, and it’s worked, and we’ve been successful for those reasons,” she says. 

With six attorneys and three support staff members, Rosswurm is especially proud of the collaborative culture she’s created. They work as a team, and when one attorney is busy, another can easily step in and immediately solve any problem. They have varying areas of expertise, which means they can provide help in virtually any situation. 

“We definitely have attorneys who are really strong in certain areas. We have one who used to work for DCS so he’s excellent in those cases. We have attorneys who have been in the military so they’re good at dealing with clients who have issues associated with their involvement in the military or the Guard,” explains Rosswurm. 

Rosswurm says each client has specific needs and each case deserves an individualized and tailored approach. Because they’re involved in life-altering events, the attorneys are sensitive to the emotional side of family law but are aggressive when it comes to defending their clients’ rights. 

“The most rewarding thing is — and this just happened yesterday — a client walked by and said, ‘I can’t thank you enough for giving me this advice. You saved my world.’ I’m so grateful that people send me emails or letters or call me and thank me for what we’ve done for them and how we changed their life for the better. They say, ‘I remember you told me it’s going to get better. I never thought my life would be better. I remember you telling me that it’s not always going to be like this and someday I’m going to be really happy,’” Rosswurm shares. 

That’s exactly what she told Hogan during his divorce, and he’s thankful she was right. “Tracey is very kind and compassionate. The kind of person that you want on your side to say, ‘Okay, it’s rough right now, but we’re going to get you through it. In the end, things will be much better.” 

“Nobody who walks in our door is happy and they’re not expecting a good outcome,” Tracey concludes. “They are in really difficult life circumstances so it’s rewarding when at the end they say, ‘Thank you so much.’” 

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