Trending Tips for Small Business Owners

Keep these three things in mind for success.
May 7, 2021
Leslee Hill, Program Director, WEOC WBC
Trending Tips for Small Business Owners

I produce a weekly vlog called Quick Tip Tuesday, geared toward small business owners. While assessing Quick Tip Tuesday’s performance, we noticed three emerging trends.

1. Network (on social media and in-person).

Think of your social media posts as networking opportunities. How can you write content to engage with others? Likewise, how can you engage with others’ content through the lens of networking?

Tammy Allen, NIIC Director of Marketing and Programs, advises making it personal. People want to feel like they know you. Optimize across channels as opposed to focusing on one channel. Keep it short and sweet – quick, quality messages. Also, develop a strategy to for consistency.  Kelly Ambriole, The Ox Agency, is an expert at this and recommends:

Post original content, as opposed to mostly sharing content by others.

Refer and connect to three connections per week.

Monitor your channels. Then, respond timely to comments and shares of your content.

For in-person networking, get out there and ask people questions. Have meaningful conversations with them. 

2. Be Accountable.

Jami Thomas, NIIC Compliance Specialist, certified John Maxell Trainer, recently led a workshop on the 15 Minute Miracle. The concept has to do with logging your time in 15-minute increments to identify where you SPEND your time (instead of what your schedule states). Then, develop a system to focus on your top 20 percent of your goals. According to Maxwell, this enables you to achieve 80 percent of the results you desire. 

Also, be accountable with yourself. Write down your goals and track toward achieving them. You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

3. Schedule time for self care.

Schedule downtime in your week to allow for rest. Downtime is where the gold dwells. If you want to achieve success or make it big, you will not do it if you’re too busy to dream it up.

Entrepreneurs manage an average of two or more mental health conditions while building businesses. There are several options to leverage technology for mental well-being.

Two organizations we work with for this are Choices and Changes and The Society of Black Mental Health Professionals. We also collaborate with Mental Health America on other initiatives.

You can also pursue options through virtual platforms with local (as well as nonlocal) healthcare professionals. Remember, mobile apps offer several options for relaxation and stress management.  

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