Staying Connected with Seniors During a Pandemic
Sep 3, 2020
Leslie Salway, Saint Anne Communities

As COVID-19 has settled into our daily lives, it is now more important than ever to stay connected with those most vulnerable – our senior citizens. We need to recognize that those who came before us and built the community we enjoy today deserve our care, love and attention.

We all need to ask ourselves “are we staying connected to the seniors in our life?” Whether your answer is yes, no or somewhat, I have some ideas that I hope will encourage you to continue your efforts to connect or reconnect with a senior near you.

It is easy to make a difference in someone’s life, just ask a few questions. Do they like sports/card games, reading, television, technology? Do they need assistance with getting groceries? There are so many ways to help!

Let’s start with food – if you know what they like, make it or buy it (it might be a fast food burger for all you know). Maybe offer to join them, eat outside and spend some time learning about their life story.

Technology, although daunting, start with the basics and teach them how to: log in to the computer or iPhone, FaceTime, set up an email, conduct a web search, locate and save websites they like to their “favorites,” PLAY GAMES!! 

The last item offers a lot of options – sports or card games. Baseball is back! Teach them about the game as you watch it together. If no, move on to the next sport. There is now golf, auto racing and basketball. Take your pick; ask some questions and start the connection! Card games can be so much fun too and there are so many to choose from! You could play a new game each visit. The possibilities are endless!

What we all need to remember is that these unprecedented times should be viewed as an opportunity. I believe that daily each of us are provided the opportunity to make a senior citizen’s life better. Whether a meal, a smile, a conversation or just holding a hand; it all counts and remember, however the moments are spent, they matter. Always remember, when you interact with someone, stay six feet apart, wear a mask and wash your hands. My hope is that you are on your way to making a new friend. 

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