Be a Graceful and Grateful Leader
Sep 3, 2020
Sherri Miller, Center For Extraordinary Success

Leading with grace in our modern world may seem counterintuitive – it rarely gets the attention that audacity and swagger may elicit. But a graceful leadership style builds trust and collaboration among your team and your colleagues. And it all begins with gratitude.

I learned many years ago that grace is about gratitude. To lead is a privilege, partially earned and partially due to all sorts of luck. Leading with grace means you are grateful for the opportunity to lead, and are thankful to those around you. 

No leader can go it alone. Leading well means relying on others. Those who trust you to lead them and those on whom you depend deserve your gratitude.

Embrace your role as a leader without reluctance. When you are unenthusiastic or approach your role half-heartedly, you show disrespect to those who are counting on you and those you are counting on.

Don’t hesitate to show your gratitude every chance you can. It will make you a better leader. 

Center For Extraordinary Success  



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