How to Practice Self-Care at Work
Aug 7, 2020
Rachel Bowers, Crosswinds Counseling

Let’s be honest – self-care is the last thing on most of our minds during business hours. It’s easy to get into the habit of work, work, work and not give a second thought to your mental wellbeing. Self-care should be a top priority, no matter your job or position. The benefits? You could become a better employee, a more supportive co-worker and a happier person.

Here are seven easy ways that you can practice self-care at work:

  • Keep your desk tidy and design it in a way that inspires you. Decorate with photos, art, quotes or plants – make it a reflection of your personality.
  • Be intentional in getting to know your co-workers – after all, you spend 40 hours a week together. Make an effort to go to lunch regularly or grab coffee with someone from the office. 
  • Try to get away from the office at lunch. Giving your mind a break in the middle of the day will help you feel more motivated once you get back to the office and can help you reset. Can’t step away from your desk? Consider placing a “do not disturb” sign on the outside of your door for 15 minutes and unplug. 
  • Find projects that take you away from your computer for a while. Give your eyes and mind a break – update your calendar, make a phone call, read a chapter from a career development book, encourage a co-worker or get up and take a quick walk throughout the building.
  • Take walking breaks. Exercise not only facilitates better physical health, but it’s also proven to release endorphins. Try walking around outside or in the office for 10 minutes when you feel overwhelmed or want to improve mood and focus.
  • Create a playlist that inspires and motivates you. Find songs that are upbeat or inspiring – ones that you can count on when you need to be productive or creative.
  • Find ways to have fun. Work is more rewarding and fulfilling when you have meaningful relationships and can laugh with your colleagues.

It’s important to work hard, but it’s even more important to look after your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

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