Is It Time For A Professional Pivot?
Aug 7, 2020
Joel Buzzard, Owner, Troyer Real Estate School

What an amazing time to be alive. I truly feel that this is a time, for better or worse, that we will regale to future generations. In this time of global pandemic, racial tensions, political turmoil and an unquenchable, sensational media cycle, I sometimes struggle to find the positive in it all. I find myself scrutinizing and analyzing my choices like never before. One choice I have never questioned is my career choice. Can you say the same?

For 17 years, I have enjoyed an enterprising career in real estate. I have the pleasure of meeting countless individuals who are laying the foundation for their future as realtors.

I often tell students that there is no personality trait or skill set that guarantees or limits success in the real estate arena. The only essential quality is that you like to work with people. I do not believe that real estate professionals are sales people from the traditional standpoint. I like to think of realtors as real estate pilots. Our clients tell us where they want to go and it is our job to get them there safely, on time, and with the highest standard of professionalism and ethics.

By becoming a realtor, you can expect unlimited income opportunities, and, more importantly, unmatched flexibility. If you are self-motivated and being your own boss is a dream of yours, now may be the time to make it a reality. 

Joel Buzzard is a licensed real estate broker, appraiser, and instructor operating Hoosier Real Estate Group, J. Buzzard & Company Appraisals, and Troyer Real Estate School in Northeast Indiana.

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