Since You Asked...

What movie would you most like to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon?
Nov 5, 2019
Since You Asked...

I usually don’t like watching movies more than once, but if I had to, it’d probably be something in the Star Wars series. - Melissa Dessaigne, executive director, Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House

A couple of favorites, especially in the fall months, are movies with strong Indiana connections. Both movies are set in Indiana in the fall and are two of the best “sport themed” movies of all time.....Hoosiers and Rudy. - Mike Mushett, CEO, Turnstone

I love gangster movies and crime dramas based on true stories, and I still think Goodfellas is the gold standard for mafia movies, although I could name like ten. I’m Italian on my mom’s side, so my friends used to make jokes about dead bodies in the trunk of my car, and wanting to buy me a velour running suit. - Jeff Heiniger, president, Ad Lab

It’s a Wonderful Life. - Ellen Cutter, vice president of economic development, Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

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