All About Stasha Carrasquillo

Chief marketing officer for turnstone center, wife & mother of two
Nov 5, 2019
Jeffrey Crane
All About Stasha Carrasquillo


1 | statue

This statue is a miniature of Rodin’s The Thinker statue. Stasha received it from the Foellinger Foundation when she completed the Foellinger Rising Leader Program.

2 | sheet music

She has played piano since she was in 3rd grade and this book is open to her favorite piece she has ever played, Clementi’s Sonatina in G Major. 

3 | framed medals

Turnstone recently co-hosted the 2019 International Blind Sports Federation Goalball and Judo International Qualifier.

4 | camera

Stasha says she likes to pretend she knows how to take photographs, mostly of her daughters.

5 | Taco dog costume

This costume belongs to her cockapoo, Jaszy.

6 | unity cross

This unity cross was used at Stasha and husband Andre’s wedding. They met and were married at Pathway Community Church.

7 | family photo

Stasha and Andre have two daughters, Amelia, 11 months, and Naya, 2.

8 | joy mug

Coffee is a necessity for Stasha, and this mug is particularly special for two reasons: it was a gift from Andre and it says “Joy,” something she chooses every day.

9 | records

She and Andre have seen JOHNNYSWIM and Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors in concert and these albums are particular favorites of theirs

10 | framed photo

This photo is of Stasha and Lorna, a woman who was one of Stasha’s biggest role models. Lorna was a youth organization leader when Stasha was young and she helped to instill in Stasha the importance of empowerment and community involvement.

11 | Bob Knight poster

Stasha’s parents first date was to the iconic IU basketball game in which Bob Knight threw the chair in 1985. Stasha’s father is an IU alumnus and she grew up an avid IU fan.

12 | osu football

Stasha married into an Ohio State University family and this signed football is one of Andre’s prized possessions.

13 | books

She enjoys reading all kinds of books, from fiction to professional and self development books.

14 | running medals

Stasha also says she pretends to be a runner and these medals represent the half-marathons she has completed. Andre is an avid runner and participating in Fort4Fitness has become a family tradition.

15 | crown

She competed in scholarship pageants during her teen and college years to help pay for college. She was able to pay for half of her college education through pageants.

16 | Fancy Nancy en espaÑol

Andre’s family heritage is Hispanic and Stasha and Andre are prioritizing teaching their daughters English and Spanish. 

17 | framed photos

Stasha and Andre danced to My Girl Tonight by Jon McLaughlin at their wedding. They met him before one of his shows and he played the song for them at the show. 

18 | ticket box

This box contains tickets for the activities that Stasha and Andre do. Whether it is concerts, shows or sporting events, they spend their time together having experiences.

19 | goalball & goggles

In the two years since she has been at Turnstone, she’s become an avid goalball fan. Both the men’s and women’s U.S. teams who train at Turnstone have qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. FWL

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