At Home With... the Routsongs

Family comes first at home and in business for the Routsongs.
Nov 5, 2019
Heather Herron
Tim Brumbeloe

To say that Nate and Tara Routsong are busy would be an understatement. They own and run their own company, Simplx Security, and are raising six children between the ages of 12 and two. 

“You’re not prepared for the crazy lifestyle it becomes when you have one baby or two or three. Then it turns into six. It’s a lot,” Tara admits. “You don’t really know you want it until you’re in it, and it’s hard to manage, but extremely rewarding.”

Nate is originally from Kendallville and Tara grew up in San Jose, California. The pair met while studying at Brigham Young University in Utah, married, started their family, and then moved to Fort Wayne, bringing Simplx Security with them. Their business offers residential and commercial security systems along with fire, camera and door access systems. They believe their marriage is a true partnership and say they honestly enjoy working together.

“We just don’t know anything else,” explains Nate. “People say, ‘Oh, I could never work with my husband or I could never work with my wife,’ but that’s all we’ve ever done, so it would be really weird to not work with Tara.”

When asked how they juggle the demands of a thriving 24-hours-a-day business with a large, active family, the Routsongs say they take things one day at a time. 

“If we landed on earth with six kids, maybe we’d have thrown in the towel,” Nate jokes. “Similarly, with the business, we started with just us and built it gradually. You get used to whatever load you’re carrying. You can surprise yourself with what you can carry.”

“Sometimes people ask us how we do it all, and I have realized that there are not really any tricks. We manage what we have and do the best we can, just like everyone else,” says Tara. “Prayer, perspective and support from others certainly help us get through. Things are always changing; the journey never stops. We’re constantly learning and growing.”

Tara is quick to point out that they have a strong support system. “The idea that it takes a village is evident in our family. We realize our interdependence on our community of friends and family, teachers, employees and all those who connect with us. We depend on others and others depend on us.”

While life with their five boys: Jaxton, Cooper, Dawson, Nathan and Owen, and one girl, Kaylee, can be busy, both say they try to enjoy every moment as it comes, knowing that it can be fleeting. “Being aware of the present moment is not always easy because we are always looking for what’s coming up next on the schedule, but it really is where the most joy is,” Tara says. “We try to be grateful for what we are in right now and find the joy in the simple things.”

“It’s kind of cliché, but it really is a journey,” Nate says. “Things that maybe used to be really important, like the kids wearing matching socks, or having a fully home cooked meal on the table every night, just aren’t as important anymore; and things that we didn’t realize would be so important to us are crucial now, like our weekends and time spent together as a family enjoying the moments — whether we have matching socks on or cereal for dinner. It’s the time together that counts.”

When they’re not working, Tara enjoys running, cooking and helping out at the kids’ school. Nate likes to remodel houses and work in the yard. They recently put in a pond on their five-acre property on Fort Wayne’s north side. They try to schedule a weekly date night, which is getting easier now that their children are getting older.

“You can’t find very many people who want to watch six kids,” Nate laughs. “Now that our oldest is old enough, he actually enjoys staying home with a few kids for a few hours so we can get away. That’s been a game-changer.”

The Routsongs say they’ve grown and learned a lot during their 15 years of marriage. As for dealing with day-to-day stressors that are bound to happen, it’s all about attitude and perspective.

“Life does not have to be going perfectly to be enjoyed,” Tara concludes. “There are days that it’s messy and chaotic, but with perspective, it truly is a beautiful chaos. We are so grateful.”

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