What Can Property Management Do For You?

Thoughts to consider when making your choice.
May 6, 2019
Summer Smith, Sturges Property Group
What Can Property Management Do For You?

Choosing a property management company to handle the day-to-day activities of your investment is an extremely important responsibility. The right property management company can be the difference between a financially successful property and one that generates little to no revenue. Today’s property management firms handle all business ranging from tenant relations, property maintenance, capital improvement projects, financial and accounting needs and onsite special projects. The primary goal for the property management firm is to keep both the property owner and tenants happy while ensuring the property is run to its best potential. To achieve this, the property management team ensures there is an excellent working relationship with the onsite tenants, the property brokerage team and the owner(s) of the property.

Cultivating excellent working relationships can be a challenge but it is worth the effort. Focusing on thorough communication and keeping the overall goal of the property owner in mind is key to success. A good property manager will know how to handle all aspects of the “day-to-day” on the property. Additionally, your property manager will work closely with the brokerage team to ensure new tenants are successfully placed within the property and community regulations are followed. The property manager is your eyes and ears on the property. When issues arise, the property manager will ensure they are dealt with appropriately and will effectively communicate the end result with the property owner.

Managing a commercial property can be daunting as there are many issues that can arise in a day. Owners look to their property managers to take on the responsibility of the running the property in their stead. In order to choose the most responsive property management firm, you should take several aspects into consideration, such as:

  • How long has the firm been in business?
  • Do they have references that point to successfully running the day-to-day operations of a property?
  • Can they facilitate maintenance and special project items?
  • Are they skilled in composing budgets and recoveries?
  • Do they have an adequate accounting department?
  • Does the firm offer brokerage services?
  • Do they have good working relationships with area vendors?

By knowing these answers, you can narrow down your choice for the right property management firm to service the property.

Since there can be many hidden challenges to running a property, making the right choice in choosing a property management firm is all the more critical. What can property management do for you? They can help you achieve your goal of having a financially successful property. 

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