Single-minded Focus Helps Medical Practices

Aegis Malpractice Solutions, LLC focuses on one thing.
May 6, 2019
Janet Patterson
Single-minded Focus Helps Medical Practices

Being single-minded is part of the business plan for Aegis Malpractice Solutions, LLC founder Jennifer Wiggins. 

“Malpractice insurance is all that we do,” Wiggins says, describing the company she started in August, 2018. 

“Most of our competitors are general agents, who do workers’ comp, general liability, group health…and malpractice insurance. Our agency is intentionally set up to monitor and manage the complex, constantly changing dynamics of the medical malpractice marketplace for our clients. As carriers enter and/or exit the market or as products and services change, we provide clear comparisons, so our customers are empowered to make better decisions about plans, rates, and policy options.”

The experts at Aegis help busy practice administrators and doctors look for options, compare solutions and find the best fit for their professional liability needs. Working with the nation’s top malpractice carriers, Aegis provides a comprehensive overview of the marketplace, ensuring that customers get the best coverage at the best price. 

Wiggins, who worked for MedPro Group for 16 years, says she began her career in medical malpractice insurance almost by accident. 

“I was born and raised in Fort Wayne and went to Wayne High School, and then Bethel College. Initially, I wanted to be a pharmaceutical sales rep because I loved the medical field and I loved business.”

After graduation, she prepared her resume and sent it to 20 different drug companies hoping to land what she thought would be her dream job. “I didn’t get one single callback. They just weren’t hiring.”

So, Wiggins says, she returned to Fort Wayne and began perusing newspapers for sales jobs.

“I answered one ad that sounded interesting and it turned out to be selling Cutco knives.”

Wiggins says she sold lots of knives in a very short time, and one of her buyers was a woman whose husband was an executive with MedPro, headquartered in Fort Wayne. 

“She said to me, ‘You’re really good at selling, I don’t know if you’d be interested, but MedPro is hiring for the call center.’”

Wiggins applied, got the job, and learned the medical malpractice business from the ground up.

Now instead of selling just policies for one company, Wiggins is able to offer the policies of every malpractice insurance carrier that writes coverage in Indiana. 

Since malpractice insurance is such a large expense for a medical practice, it’s important that a practice can get the very best coverage for the money it invests. 

“Malpractice insurance is a necessity; a doctor can’t work without it,” Wiggins says. 

Because of Indiana’s unique malpractice laws and insurance requirements, she believes focusing exclusively on medical malpractice insurance is the best way to ensure that a practice is covered correctly and cost-effectively.

With this single-minded focus, practice administrators and health care providers gain the necessary knowledge, options and versatility to maneuver through the malpractice marketplace without worry, she adds.

Wiggins is pleased with the growth Aegis has had since opening its doors last fall. While Wiggins meets with clients, she has enlisted the help of her husband, Tim, in the financial side of her work. She also has two independent contractors who help with marketing, research and back-office tasks. 

“We’re planning on hiring two more full-time people in the next six months,” she adds. 

Aegis Malpractice Solutions, LLC

Address: 10214 Chestnut Plaza Drive #450 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46814

Phone: (260) 440-2850


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