The 21st Century requires changes for us all
Feb 5, 2018
Marc Levy, Questa Foundation

Most of our organizations whether private for profit or nonprofit businesses, private or public organizations, have policies, procedures, practices and norms that were established in the 20th century and many that continue into the 21st century. Yet, have we looked at those factors and the ways we are functioning in the context of the changed economic environment, the generational changes as well as cultural diversity? Have we evaluated or considered the ways we need to change to be more responsive, inclusive and engaging? Are we empowering our partners, employees and customers? And not only listening but hearing what they are saying? Are we making the changes necessary based upon lessons learned or experiences from our past? Are we working to redefine, redesign and reorganize our organizations for the 21st century?

The top-down management styles and systems that depended upon information being available when the information was needed are in stark contrast to the increasing speed and availability of information now. People can easily access information when they want it, they are ready use it when they have it and are no longer delayed waiting for that information. Employees increasingly desire to be more fully engaged and empowered to take action, make changes and move forward based upon the information they have available to them.  

So I pose these questions to your business: Are we making the changes in our organizations and businesses that are necessary to thrive in this century? Are we investing in the talent development necessary to help us grow? For greatest success, we should be.   

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