Next office location... suburbs or downtown?
Dec 6, 2017
Kienan O’Rourke, broker, Bradley Company

When a business chooses a location for its next office space, it often has a list of wants and needs to consider – size of space, monthly budget, layout, lease vs. purchase, future growth, timeframe and area of town. While the mixture of these ingredients will be unique to every business, the area of the city frequently ranks among the top priorities for business owners in finding their next office location. 

Suburban office buildings have a number of convenience features that often make them desirable. The access to the community’s highway network and arterial roadways is simple and comfortable in the suburbs. This allows for easy commutes for employees and visitors alike, as well as employees going to outside appointments. Parking is typically free. Additionally, suburban office space tends to be newer, with current upgrades and maintenance, and more amenities and conveniences for the tenants. The upgrades may be favorable to wallets in lowering the cost of the location by requiring fewer improvements. 

The perks of locating in a downtown office building usually center on integration. This integration relies heavily on business density, because the greatest number of businesses located in a single area in our area is downtown. When decision makers choose to locate their office downtown, they typically value and desire an increase in visibility, business-to-business connections and community integration. Additionally, the simplicity of meeting associates within walking distance for lunch or a quick drink after work serves as a great tool for businesses to start new relationships or continue long standing ones.

Whether it is a desire for convenience in a stable market located in the suburbs, or a desire for integration in the expanding downtown, each office location is distinct in what it offers. Working with an experienced and trusted real estate advisor helps businesses match their growth plans with the optimal office location. 

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