A Strong Team Yields Greater Success

Bradley Company is a full-service commercial real estate firm with a strong brokerage support team of women that offers unique skills in the areas of marketing, executive assistance and junior brokerage.
Oct 5, 2017
Deborah C. Gerbers
Steve Vorderman
A Strong Team Yields Greater Success

Robin Lenard, marketing transaction coordinator at Bradley Company, started out as a graphic designer and has worked in production and project coordination throughout her career. “The company wanted to utilize my graphic design and organizational skills to improve our workflow, but most recently I have been focusing on the marketing aspect of the business to streamline the process on a local level,” says Lenard. 

Rachel Amaro is an executive assistant to two of the vice presidents and a transaction coordinator for the retail team, but began her career as a transaction coordinator assistant about two years ago. “As we have all transitioned into our current respective roles on the brokerage support team, we have all broadened our skills,” she says. “While we all three have similar titles and job descriptions, we each 

have our own different relationships with the brokers we assist.”

Brokerage Services, Transaction Coordinator Kirsten Martin started with the company as a receptionist two years ago. In addition to her front desk duties, she also assists senior brokers with real estate proposals, searches and other documentation. Martin also recently completed her broker’s training courses to become a junior real estate broker herself. “We all do different things to help one another in our roles,” says Martin. “Each one of us combined makes an awesome team.”

All three women agree that they balance each other in their responsibilities within the company. “I like that Bradley Company has taken into consideration the individual needs of every broker and what each of our skill sets offer,” says Lenard. “They have allowed us to develop our skills into a true team that can best help our brokers. We are very intuitive about what each broker needs, and we deliver right away. Bradley Company has focused personally on the intentions of our career paths and what we are each passionate about.”

Bradley Company also allows individuals on the brokerage support team to build their careers and skills while helping the company thrive. “While we do have our own individual responsibilities, we are all cross-trained to be able to take on each other’s roles in the event of someone’s absence,” says Amaro. “This ensures a seamless process and ultimately greater success for the company as a whole.”

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