Always be Prepared! Know what to do When Delays and Cancellations Hit
Oct 5, 2017
Katie Robinson

With the recent wrath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma hitting the U.S., as well as the impending snowy season (yes, winter is coming!), it’s important to be prepared, both logistically and mentally in the case of an airline delay or cancellation when traveling out of FWA or any other airport. While hiccups in your travel can be agitating, you can reduce the stress if you know what to do when the unexpected happens.

Track Your Flight Ahead of Time

Before you leave for the airport, you have two options to make sure your flight is still operating on time. Sign up for mobile alerts, or check-in up to 24-hours before your flight with your airline, and receive day-of travel alerts and updates. Are you waiting to check-in until you’re at the airport or not quite as tech savvy? Visit the FWA website (, where you can easily find Flight Tracker. This tool is key for keeping passengers up-to-date on the status of their flights without having to contact the airline. All airlines that operate out of the FWA terminal are in charge of updating their own flight information, and this tool is constantly refreshed to reflect the most current information. Many other airports have similar features on their websites, making it easy to stay in the know before you go!

Contact Your Airline Directly 

While FWA’s friendly and informative front desk staff is always more than willing to help with any questions passengers may have, the airlines are the only ones that can answer questions directly related to your flight information and your itinerary, as well as their cancellation policy. The good news? There are a number of ways to contact your airline and make adjustments to your itinerary if necessary. While airlines do not keep local phone numbers, each airline does have a reservation line for passengers to call. If you booked your reservation online, you can log in to your flight itinerary through your airline’s website and make adjustments yourself. Already at the airport or want to speak to someone face-to-face? You can always visit the airline ticket counters in the terminal building. At FWA, American, Delta and United are open from 4:30 a.m. until their final flight of the evening. Allegiant’s ticket counter is staffed one hour after each departing flight. 

Embrace the Unexpected 

No one likes delays and cancellations, and that includes the airline and airport staff! While many times delays and cancellations becasue of Mother Nature are unavoidable, that doesn’t mean the time you spend in the terminal has to be boring. Many airports have a number of things passengers can see, do and eat while they pass the time. At FWA you will find local art on display through the Art in the Airport program, a number of historic aviation artifacts in the Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum, space to relax and tend to your work in the Business Center and a Children’s Play Area! Kicking back and going with the flow may not make your flight happen any sooner, but it will make the time you spend waiting much more enjoyable. 

Above all else, know that your local airport and airline staffs are always working hard to get you where you need to be. With a little extra preparation, and patience, running into delays and cancellations can be a breeze!

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