Keeping Your Tenants and Employees Happy
Sep 6, 2017
Craig Kozlowski, Bradley Company

When deciding whether to renovate or conduct preventative maintenance on your HVAC units or general repairs, remember: Humans are more sensitive to their workspace than they may communicate. There is a significant amount of research demonstrating the effect that workspace quality has on employees’ productivity, motivation and decision-making. 

A leading cause of dissatisfaction is referred to as the Broken Window Theory. This theory suggests that if a window is broken and left un-repaired, observers will determine that no one cares and no one is in charge, thus resulting in more “windows” being broken. 

The physical atmosphere in workspaces typically consists of walls, ceilings and lighting, and these factors have different effects on employee performance. Studies show that exposure to natural elements such as sunlight and greenery improve mental health and employee attitudes. One study found positive correlations between direct sunlight, job satisfaction and company commitment. 

A 2010 study by Craig Knight and S. Haslam (of University of Exeter) found that employees given autonomy in workplace design were 32 percent more productive than others who had no control over their environment. These groups also had stronger team cohesion and commitment. As even a small issue left un-repaired may be costly in various ways, keep these theories and ideas in mind to ensure employee and tenant satisfaction. 

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