100 Years of Women's Fashion

The progression of women's style
100 Years of Women's Fashion

1910 - Big hats; longer dresses; still modest

1920 - The flapper look; thin silhouettes

1930 - Suits; Hollywood-glam dresses

1940 - Structured jackets with shoulder pads; nylon material due to war shortages

1950 - Return to feminine shapes with women; turning to home life post-War; shift dresses

1960 - Nod to Jackie Kennedy’s classic look; clean, simple lines; mini dresses

1970 - Wrap dresses; bell bottom slacks; kaftans and loose blouses; platform shoes and power suits

1980 - Early 80s scarves, silk blouses & turtlenecks in conservative colors; Mid 80s young professional suits and heels; Later 80s neon colors, stirrup pants

1990 - Birkenstocks and Keds; denim jeans; flannel tops

2000 - Dresses over jeans; peasant tops and layered tanks; cargo pants

2010 - Skinny jeans and leggings; military-style jackets; bohemian chic

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