Mad Anthonys Children's Foundation Red Coat Recipients

A list of the distinguished Red Coat recipients organized by the year they were honored.
Mad Anthonys Children's Foundation Red Coat Recipients

The Mad Anthonys Children’s Foundation celebrates 60 years in 2017. Each year, the Foundation gives a Red Coat to an individual who has made a positive impact on our region and the state of Indiana. Below you will find a list of these distinguished Red Coat recipients organized by the year they were honored.

2016 Keith Busse

2015 Chuck Surack

2014 Tom Kelly and Mike Pence

2013 Bruce Dye

2012 Brad Stevens and Jan Van Til

2011 John Daly and Trent Green

2010 Tom Crean and Bob Chase

2009 Amanda Blumenhurst

2008 Mitch Daniels

2007 Arnie Ball, Carl B. Bennett and Kevin Donley 

2006 Bill Polian and Drew Brees

2005 Jim Steeg and Peyton Manning

2004 Lloy Ball and Jason Fabini

2003 Shelley Long

2002 Sean Astin and Mike Davis

2001 Joe Tiller

2000 Jim Mora 

1999 John “Spider” Miller, Tom Sneva and Jerry Yeagley 

1998 Rick Majerus, Senator Dan Coats and James E. Kelley

1997 Evan Bayh and  Steve Kroft

1996 Jim Harbaugh, Cathy Kratzert Gerring and Bill Kratzer, III

1995 Drake Hogestyn

1994 Jim Gallagher, Jr., R. David Thomas and Ron Woodson

1993 Calbert Cheaney

1992 Dick Rosenthal and George Yardley

1991 Pete and Alice Dye 

1990 J. Danforth Quayle 

1989 Lou Holtz

1988 Dave Anspaugh

1987 Steve Alford

1986 Jim Davis

1985 Janie Fricke and Bill Ruckelshaus

1984 Gene Keady

1983 Isiah Tomas

1982 Otto Graham

1981 Claude Akins

1980 Fuzzy Zoeller

1979 Bill Flemming and Bob King

1978 Dan Devine

1977 Karl Malden and Jack Scott

1976 Bob Knight and Forest Tucker

1975 Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan, Charles Finley and Jack Mollenkopf

1974 Ed (Moose) Krause and Ara Parseghian

1973 Bob Griese 

1972 Frank Borman 

1971Fred Hovde 

1970 Hank Stram

1969 J. Walter Kennedy 

1968 John Pont 

1967 Johnny Wooden

1966 Hoagy Carmichael 

1965 Phil Harris 

1964 Chris Schenkel

1963 Tom Harmon

1962 Jim Crowley, Elmer Layden, Don Miller and Barry Stuhldreher

1961 Ford Frick 

1960 Tony Hulman 

1959 Weeb Ewbank

1958 Terry Brennan

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