Art in the Airport Brings the Fort Wayne Arts Culture to FWA
Mar 6, 2017
Katie Robinson

Fort Wayne has a rich arts community that is integral to the growth and development of our region. Our area is home to amazingly talented artists who are working every day to change our landscape. This is why it was important to us at Fort Wayne International Airport to implement our own arts program and bring original, local artwork to our passengers and guests in the terminal through our Art in the Airport program.

The Art in the Airport program began at FWA in 2012 as a way to highlight the talented regional artists. It has been a welcome addition to the terminal building, and a wonderful way to bring the surrounding arts community to the thousands of passengers that pass through FWA each day. The program looks to bring new and exciting styles of art to our passengers that they may not typically expect to see in a Midwestern city. 

The Art in the Airport program offers free participation, and 100% of revenue from the sales go to the artists. Each selected artist has their artwork hanging in the terminal for three months before the next artist takes over. Artists are chosen through a submission callout. Then, a small panel of judges from the airport goes over the submissions and selects the four artists who will show their work in the terminal for the next Art in the Airport year.

This year’s roster of artists includes photographer Rob Owen, painter Thomas Leffers, digital photographer Amy Ecenbarger, and painter Alexandra Hall, an Art in the Airport veteran. We believe it is important to help build the local arts momentum by showcasing the great art Fort Wayne has to offer to out-of-town visitors.  Art in the Airport is a great avenue to show the Fort Wayne arts community FWA’s commitment to supporting our local art scene. In the future we hope to expand the Art in the Airport program even further with sculptures, installations, music and more, as well as partnerships from local arts organizations! 

If you would like to be considered as a future Art in the Airport artist, contact Katie Robinson at

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